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Hello LearnPick, I just wanna say thank you very much this is a really useful platform for students to come across some really good tutors. So thank you so much.

Alaina from Hong Kong

I registered with LearnPick and within a couple of days I had my responses and had started my tuition. I teach biology, chemistry and English to a couple of lovely young boys. I feel privileged to be their tutor and very much enjoy teaching them. This is a great site for meeting future students and getting to know other tutors. It allows students, their parents and institutes to look at your profile and get in touch. The profile section allows you provide sufficient detail about your education and experience. Looking forward to meeting more students on here and developing my experience.

Shazia Akram from Kuwait

It's a great source of connecting students with potential trainers in the market. In today's era where more prominence is given to distance learning. LearnPick plays an excellent role in providing students access. It is an efficient and time effective way to add new resources to your learning and teaching methods. thumb's up for the effort.

Mytuitions Tutorial from Kuwait

It's amazing to see such a website which helps both students and tutors at the same time. Keep up the good work mates. Thanks LearnPick!

Abdul Haseeb from Australia

Great help from LearnPick! I have found a tutor within hours! Awesome quick response from the tutors.

Emma from Australia

This website was a great platform to search for and apply for tuition assignments. Even after the website upgrade and the many problems I encountered due to the upgrades, LearnPick still helped me patiently with every problem I experienced.

Angela Ang from Singapore

LearnPick is a great website and a reliable market place that is beneficial for both parties. I am happy with the services you provide us with!.

Eugene from Thailand

LearnPick allows me to connect with students easily and without difficulties. I like how they also require validation of the tutors as well as the students so everything is credible. I hope that this can be the main platform for all tutors and services across the Philippines!

Alexa Abangan from Philippines

I have been using this site for 3 years now and I was never vacant with my home tutorials. LearnPick is easy to navigate and you can contact inquiries as many as you want. I also recommend this site to my friends and they too benefited from using it!

Arianne Krinessa Apostol from Philippines

LearnPick is a site that helped me set up my radar for opportunities to exercise my skills in teaching kids and helping them learn. the comprehensive design of building tutor profiles helped me find the most suited tutoring job. the tutoring job I got is also helping me get through my final year in college.

Lalaine May Pantoja from Philippines

LearnPick really helps me a lot to find a best tutor near to my area.

Jerry from UK

LearnPick is truly an awesome site. We can easily find coaching classes, institutes, or tutors for any course or subject through this portal. Their service is quick and courteous, and they are totally trustworthy in every way. They understand your educational requirement and are sincere about offering the best solutions.

Amiya Dey from Kolkata, India

My experience with is awesome! Thank you for your service. The tutor is outstanding and try to deliver each and every thing very politely and always ready to clear the doubts.

Ankit from Indore, India

I found a very good tutor very easily, with the help of LearnPick. Their service is very efficient, and I appreciate their commitment towards their work. Their behaviour is also very good with everyone. I really appreciate.

Hrithik Sharma from Delhi, India

I registered in LearnPick to get tutor and the response was really amazing. I found one of the best tutor for Accountancy almost immediately. Thanks for the help!

Kaveri from Bangalore, India

Your whole team is very prompt and very professional. I have never faced any issues with your portal. The people are very nice to talk to and take good care of all my concerns. I am advertising with many others but I'd say by far this has been the easiest and most effective one besides offering tremendous value for money. I got some very good connects through you. Many thanks LearnPick!

Uplift Academy from Hyderabad, India

My experience with LearnPick is excellent. This is a very nice and user friendly website. It caters to the needs of both tutor and students.

Micropaceit Computer Academy from Navi Mumbai, India

LearnPick is an excellent platform for home tuition needs. Institutes, classes, and tutors can get a great number of students through this portal, and we have had a very rewarding experience, seeking students via this website. A really classy portal doing good work towards the cause of education.

Professors' Study Circle from Kochi, India

A very useful platform for tutorial centers, teachers as well as students. It's been a wonderful journey with LearnPick for so many years. Website design is good and support team is really very co-operative.

Wisdom Academy from Mumbai, India

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