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The services of LearnPick are very helpful. We found a very good physics teacher through your website. I have already recommended the same to many of my friends. Thanks and keep the good work going.

Jean Claude

Student from Adelaide

My Private Tutor provides one to one official interaction between students and tutors, which is very helpful. The site has a longstanding and great reputation of being extremely reliable. It also has a very big and varied database of tutors for one to choose from.

Katy Wawn

Student from Brisbane

I am very thankful to your site, I was looking at many sites which can provide tutor contacts but I was not happy with it,but through your site, I am able to find the right tutor for me. I got a good tutor who solved my problems which I used to face in exams. I am really thankful to you once again. Keep doing good works

Gareth Buckley

Student from Canterbury

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All these years I have been traveling and going from place to place and tutoring. After joining LearnPick I am able to cater to students across the country. I can deliver the results and conduct assessments for students from all over the country. That is how LearnPick has helped me with my tutoring.

Silva Zakian

Tutor from Perth

With LearnPick, I have gained identity in various circles across India and I have also received some online queries across Asia. This has really augmented my business and it has helped me establish myself as a good online tutor and I would definitely like to continue with LearnPick.

Apollo Tutorial

Institute from Melbourne

The best thing about LearnPick is that they let Tutors upload their presentations and tuition material by which students can assess, to some extent, the level of knowledge a tutor has. LearnPick also gives the list of jobs that are available for a tutor, so that it becomes easier for a teacher to contact a prospective student and get engaged in a Job easily.

Sophie Machin

Tutor from Canterbury

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