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With LearnPick, you can easily find the most awesome tutors.

Rare is the student who does not need a little bit of help with his studies. Rare is the professional who does not need to learn new skills.

Finding the right teacher, tutor, course or tuition centre has always been a challenge though. In most parts of the world, learners rely mainly on referrals and recommendations from family and friends for this purpose. Tutors and tuition centres also have limited avenues for marketing their services and credentials to potential students.

At LearnPick, our mission is to make it easy and efficient for students and tutors to find each other. We provide an online marketplace for tutoring services which include:

  • In-person tutoring
  • Online tutoring
  • Group tutorial classes

We treat our tutors, instructors and tuition centres as our business partners and we aim to support them as they strive to provide quality instruction to their students and in doing so, increase their earnings and professional reputation.

Live in a small town with very few good tutors? No problem, the best tutors from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will be at your service through our world-class online video tutoring system!

Designed for your ease, it only takes a few clicks or taps to find a tutor - on your computer, phone or tablet.

Millions of students and parents have benefited from LearnPick over the last 14 years. How about you?

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