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  • AUD 23/Hr
  • Dangar
  • 2 days ago
Experience: TestTestTestTestTestTestTestTestTes...
Qualification: Test
Teaches: Biology, computers, Corel Draw, Dat...

Ashley H

  • AUD 25/Hr
  • Waterloo
  • 14 days ago
Experience: I have tutored groups of different ...
Qualification: B.S in Biology
Teaches: Biology, Statistics, Mathematics, S...

Rafiul N

  • AUD 50/Hr
  • Newtown
  • 28 days ago
Experience: Final year student at University of...
Qualification: Bachelor of Science
Teaches: Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics,...

Jia H

  • AUD 100/Hr
  • North sydney
  • 2 months ago
Experience: I'm full time tutor specializing in...
Qualification: Bechelor Degree of Commerce in A...
Teaches: computers, Maths, Business, Finance...

Frank B

  • AUD 50/Hr
  • Campbelltown
  • 2 months ago
Experience: 50 years old. 14 years university t...
Qualification: masters
Teaches: English and Reading, Maths, Busines...

Natasha J

  • AUD 40/Hr
  • Kellyville
  • 2 months ago
Experience: I am currently tutoring maths to se...
Qualification: Bachelors
Teaches: Basic Skills (Maths & English), Mat...

Leslie L

  • AUD 50/Hr
  • Bondi junction
  • 2 months ago
Experience: I am studying masters of teaching a...
Qualification: masters of teaching
Teaches: English and Reading, Basic Skills (...

Jacqui F

  • AUD 50/Hr
  • Killara
  • 2 months ago
Experience: I have over three years of tutoring...
Qualification: Year 12
Teaches: English and Reading, Basic Skills (...


  • AUD 100/Hr
  • Wahroonga
  • 3 months ago
Experience: 5 years tutoring experience ages 4-...
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Edu...
Teaches: English and Reading, English litera...

Gesa B

  • AUD 33/Hr
  • Birchgrove
  • 3 months ago
Experience: Experienced in: Teaching French and...
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts
Teaches: English and Reading, English, Other...

Abigail S

  • AUD 30/Hr
  • St clair
  • 3 months ago
Experience: Hey, I finished year 12 doing my HS...
Qualification: HSC
Teaches: English and Reading, Basic Skills (...

Tibor L

  • AUD 35/Hr
  • Southern sydney
  • 3 months ago
Experience: I was a senior HSC teacher ( I left...
Qualification: BA Hons + Sec Education
Teaches: TESOL, Other, English language...

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