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Akis C

  • AUD 98/Hr
  • Online
  • 3 days ago
Experience: I am an IB Math and Economics Teach...
Qualification: BSc Actuarial Mathematics and Ec...
Teaches: Other, Maths, SAT, Mathematics, Eco...

Pratic A

  • AUD 20/Hr
  • Kensington
  • 8 days ago
Experience: I am a High School And College Lect...
Qualification: UNSW
Teaches: Science, Basic Skills (Maths & Engl...

Joan B

  • AUD 5/Hr
  • Cebu
  • 24 days ago
Experience: I work as an Accounting Associate.
Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Accountan...
Teaches: English and Reading, Basic Skills (...

Yvonne H

  • AUD 30/Hr
  • Hurstville
  • 29 days ago
Experience: I have had tutoring experience at a...
Qualification: HSC
Teaches: English and Reading, Science, Basic...

Fahd H

  • AUD 30/Hr
  • Ashfield
  • 1 month ago
Experience: Hello, I am a language teacher. i a...
Qualification: Engineer entrepreneur and a hold...
Teaches: English language, English, IELTS, T...

Mokitul H

  • AUD 40/Hr
  • Carlingford epping m...
  • 1 month ago
Experience: I am a master's student at Macquari...
Qualification: B.SC IN Civil Engineering
Teaches: English language, Mathematics, Engl...

Taleah B

  • AUD 60/Hr
  • Thornton
  • 1 month ago
Experience: I received First Class Honours and ...
Qualification: Hunter Valley Grammar School
Teaches: English, Biology, English lang...

Akanksha K

  • AUD 25/Hr
  • Sutherland
  • 2 months ago
Experience: I am graduate in computers . I have...
Qualification: bachelors in Computers
Teaches: English, Basic Skills (Maths & Engl...

Pridhvee D

  • AUD 45/Hr
  • Macquarie park
  • 3 months ago
Experience: I have 7 years of tutoring experien...
Qualification: Bachelor in electronics
Teaches: Basic Skills (Maths & English), Mat...


  • AUD 60/Hr
  • Hurstville
  • 3 months ago
Experience: I am an English, Literacy, E.S.L. a...
Qualification: Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of E...
Teaches: English and Reading, Basic Skills (...

Patricia A

  • AUD 60/Hr
  • Pennant hills
  • 3 months ago
Experience: I am a qualified Primary Teacher an...
Qualification: Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Teaches: English and Reading, Basic Skills (...

Dom N

  • AUD 30/Hr
  • Auburn
  • 4 months ago
Experience: I teach Mathematics, Science, Chemi...
Qualification: Masters, Bachelors (Civil Engine...
Teaches: Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Ph...

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