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OP1 at Queensland Academy for Science, Maths and Technology


I teach chemistry, engineering, physics, mathematics, english and reading, science, basic skills (maths & english), engineering.

Tutoring Approach

I'm extremely passionate about giving students a hand in the areas they need it most, and making a significant difference in the marks they receive! For me, tutoring is about providing students with the type of guidance and support that school teachers in crowded classrooms simply cannot offer. I often notice, for instance, that the feedback students receive on their assignments is shallow, vague, and oftentimes just very difficult to interpret. This is because with tens, oftentimes hundreds of assignments to mark and review, teachers simply cannot be bothered dedicating a substantial amount of effort to each paper, certainly not the amount of effort that a normal student would appreciate. Moreover, it is common for students in classes to not understand a section of course material that is being delivered, and this is because teachers are first, unable to stop the entire class to explain a concept to several students, and second, are often just unable to provide an explanation that is clear, concise, and meaningful to their pupils. This obviously has a direct knock-on effect to examinations, whereby students are unable to solve questions correctly or write high-level responses simply because they have not been taught the content in a way that makes sense to THEM. In my tutoring sessions, I ensure that I ask my students well in advance of the session what it is they would like a hand with, whether this be explaining a Maths concept, providing feedback on a Physics assignment, or scaffolding out an English essay response. I then come to the session well prepared, knowing exactly what my student wants and how I can deliver it to them, as well as having the relevant learning resources at hand such as practice questions or exemplar assignments. During sessions, I am very responsive and interactive with my students, always giving them the opportunity to ask questions to clear up any uncertainties, and constantly checking that whatever I am saying is being well understood. At the end of the day, tutoring sessions with me are really about YOU - come sit down with me for sixty minutes or more, and I guarantee that I will work my absolute hardest to give you the best experience possible, whether it be teaching content, solving questions, or doing assignments. Having received numerous national and state accolades in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English, and even travelling to China to compete in an international academic competition against students from all over the globe, I believe that I am more than capable of giving you a huge boost in your grades! If you're interested, please don't hesitate to flick me a message and we can get the ball rolling!

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