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  • Experience:Combined over ten years experience in tutoring between us with exceptional results shown by our students.
  • Qualification:Undergratuate in Engineering
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Teaches: English language, Mathematics

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Qualification :

Undergratuate in Engineering

Combined over ten years experience in tutoring between us with exceptional results shown by our students.

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Summer program offered by two Engineering students with vast experience in tutoring for English and Maths students of all levels and years in High School. Our aim is to give the students a head-start for 2013 by teaching them the fundamental concepts they will be covering in the year to come. We will also revise the concepts they have misunderstood and struggled with in their previous year/s. We have all the textbooks required for all levels and years in High School Maths, as well as many extra-curricular books not assigned to each subject, yet are extremely helpful in students' studies. We also have a great range of Novels which will be covered in all English courses in all schools around Perth. The lessons will run for one hour each with consecutive Maths then English classes running, THE LESSONS WILL NOT BE ONE-ON-ONE as this is a summer program, aiming to teach students the materials for next year to help them get a head start. The lessons will be classroom style with a steady program to cover all the material in an effective manner before school starts. Seeing as the classes will not be one-on-one (max of four students per one tutor) the prices will be greatly reduced. The standard rate for tuition are $40+ per hour, but we offer $30 per hour for one subject or $50 for the two hour Maths and English lesson. A bit about us: Both tutors (one male, one female) have great experience with a combination of over ten years of tutoring. We both graduated from High School within the last four years so we have a strong understanding of the curriculum council and their requirements. We both achieved an ATAR of 95+ and are currently ranked in the top 5% of students in Engineering, being offered scholarships. To paraphrase, we are high achieving students looking to pass on our knowledge to your children so they can achieve the same. Classes are scheduled to start on December 6th 2012, with specified scheduled classes for every year group.

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Secondary Schooling English language, Mathematics --

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