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  • Experience:I have 10 years of tutoring experience. The tutoring can also be done either online or home tuition. These are the following subjects that I have tutored: Specialist Maths Unit 3 - 4 Maths Methods Unit 1 - 4 General Math... More [+]
  • Qualification:Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Hons)
  • Post Code:3053
Teaches: Mathematics, Maths

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  • Secondary Schooling
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Qualification :

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Hons)

I have 10 years of tutoring experience. The tutoring can also be done either online or home tuition. These are the following subjects that I have tutored: Specialist Maths Unit 3 - 4 Maths Methods Unit 1 - 4 General Maths (Basic/ Advanced) Unit 1 - 2 Maths A and B preparation for HSC Maths Year 7 - 10 Electrical Engineering Year 2, RMIT University

Tutoring Option:

Home Tuition Only

Teaching Style :

I begin the first lesson with an introductory session to get to know the student's capabilities with the subject that he/she has problem with. From then, knowing their requirements, I can then develop an approach that will suit the situation. To ensure that students will gain a good understanding of the concept, I have used tools such as online worksheets, games, books, laptop, and the basic white board. I also use analogy from the student's everyday life to explain difficult concepts, hence helping them to grasp the knowledge much quicker.

Hourly Fees [AUD]:


Tuition Schedule :

  • Sunday


  • Monday


  • Tuesday


  • Wednesday


  • Thursday


  • Friday


  • Saturday


Secondary Schooling Mathematics AUD 70.00 /hour
HSC/ VCE / QSA Mathematics AUD 70.00 /hour
Test Preparation Maths AUD 70.00 /hour
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Online Tutoring Details

Prior Online Tutoring Experience?


Tuition Fees [AUD]:


Online Tutoring Experience :

I have been tutoring for 9 years. As for online tutoring, I have been doing it over 2 years. I cover Year10 - VCE Year 12 Maths. I am a qualified Electronics Engineer, who is passionate about helping students to achieve their full potential in learning maths.

Online Tools Details :

The process: The first session, I will actually come to your place to get to know you and setup and installthe software and special writing tool for you. Then, we will do a quick trial connection between your computer and the computer at my place, this is just to ensure that everything is running well, and to give you the opportunity to get familiar with the software. And for the next sessions onwards, we just do everything online! Technical details: The best online screen sharing software. I have actually tested and looked at all the available options for online screen sharing software. And this software actually works like a charm. VOIP through Skype. Optional: Special writing tool($65), that will enable you to write on paper and transfer your writing to screen in real time. I do recommend to have one of this tool, as it will enable me to see what you are writing on the paper. It will make the whole tutoring process more enjoyable and interactive. Limitations: There are a few factors that you need to be aware of with using online tutoring such as: The internet speed. My internet speed is ADSL2+. Although it is best to use the best internet speed possible, but a common ADSL broadband should be sufficient. The biggest limitationis that I cannot see everything that is not on your computer. So, if you need to show me your homework, you can either take a photo, and show it on screen or just write it on paper using the \"special writing tool\". So, a bit more of preparations are required from your side. Other than these limitations, everything else is the same as having a face to face tutoring lessons. I have my writing pad and all other reference materials in soft copy. So, you will be able to see everything that I use to teach you on your screen in real time. At the end of the lessons, I will give you the copy of the lessons online.

Online Availability :

My availability varies week by week. Normally I would be available after 6pm weekday, 10 - 2pm on Saturday, and 9 - 11am on Sunday. Please check with me again when you want to book.


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