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Karen Rodriguez

Karen Rodriguez

I am Karen Rodriguez and I am from Colombia, I have a degree in Marketing and International Business but teaching is my passions.My first experience outside of my country was in London, I decided to go to study English there and I became C1, while I was taking English lessons I found a group of British students that were truly interested in learning Spanish so I used to have lessons with four (4) children between the ages 11 and 16 years which was amazing because I improved my English skills a lot to make them understand every little thing I said. When I went back to Colombia, some schools contacted me to be English teacher, I taught at high school. At the same time, I made some Russians friends that went on a trip in my country, we got along very well and we started Spanish tuition through Skype. So if you want to have fun while you are learning just let me know, I would love to help you to accomplish your goals.

Area: Spring Hill, The City, South Bank

Location: Queensland