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BHT 441
Female, 40 Years
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Yuliya T

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Tutoring of Fine. Art. Teacher
Experience:More than 1Year


General Educational Program Implementation, Teaching Activity in General and Secondary. Qualified as Teacher of Fine Arts


I have education ofgeneral educational program implementation, teaching activity in general and secondary. qualified as teacher of fine arts.

Tutoring Approach

Want to learn to draw, I can help teach to draw. Starting from the drawing on the picture and it is natural to paint for the colors. Technical material use oil colors., acrilic. Water color ,graphite.

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BHT 421
Female, 37 Years
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Andragogy: Coaching, Parenting, Counselling, Therapie, Healing & Training of Soft Skills, Self-Confidence, Creative and Critical Thinking


I studied human and social development with a focus on how humans learning from their personal or motivational experiences and their awareness of body, mind and spirit. as an andragogist, therapeutic helath coach and mother of two boys i've been well trained in guiding and training skills, even when communication is limited.

Tutoring Approach

I focus on self-skills, self-confidence and self-discovery so the subject will be fully integrated and training can follow

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BHT 41
Female, 25 Years
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Business administration


I can teach business and economics for ib and ig students.

Tutoring Approach

I encourage students to excel. Also, exercises are provided to make learning easier and faster.

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