10 Essential Tips for the Modern Teacher

10 Essential Tips for the Modern Teacher

Ask your child a simple question today – does she enjoy her classroom lessons in school? I bet she would straightway say “No.” Or, hesitate before she gives you a direct reply. We are living in the twenty-first century. So, don’t you think teachers should bunk the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ way of teaching, and adopt modern styles of teaching? Why should studies continue to be a nightmare for innocent students?

This reminds me of my childhood, when I used to go to school. I must admit some of the classes bored me like crazy. Most of my classmates preferred to remain absent from school particularly on the days when their dreaded subjects used to be taught! And, I really wished classroom learning would turn more interesting in future.

Luckily, education is undergoing a transformation now. Dear students, good days await you. You no longer have to endure monotonous lectures in classes. For, I have come up with some of the best teaching tips for modern classrooms in the following paragraphs:

  • Introduce innovation: Instill the element of interest amongst your students by ushering in innovation into your classes. Use educational ‘apps’ and modern electronic devices while you teach. For instance, a dull classroom can be brought alive by imparting knowledge through a slide projector instead of the traditional chalk and blackboard.
  • Use social media: The social media bug has bit millions of people on earth. So naturally, you cannot ignore the role of social media in classrooms. Try using Twitter or Facebook for teaching your students. You would be amazed to notice how beautifully students respond to your ‘tweets’ or ‘posts’, or post their queries through these social platforms.
  • Be a geek: Trust me, this really helps. Being a modern teacher, you must be adequately equipped with the latest information which can be passed over to students. Keep researching about the topics you are about to teach, on the Internet. Be well-prepared. You must be able to clarify the most challenging doubts of your students.
  • Make lessons enjoyable: Have you ever wondered why some children know the dialogues of the latest movies by heart – but keep forgetting Mathematics formulae? It’s because people tend to memorize everything they enjoy indulging in. So make your lessons enjoyable! Start conveying concepts through engaging stories, with a slight tinge of humor. This would make your students would enjoy academics which they once hated.
  • Check understanding: Are you sure if students have understood the topic you just taught them? After your lecture, ask questions to students. Tell them to raise their hands if they know the answer. If they don’t, ask the same question to somebody else. Then, again choose any student randomly (amongst the ones who did not know) and ask them the same question. This enables all the students to learn more effectively.
  • Plan properly: Proper planning is crucial to a great classroom session. Teachers must organize lessons intelligently so that students can grasp whatever is being taught. It would not be wise to teach the entire chapter to students in one day. So, as teachers you must set realistic objectives.
  • Be confident: Now, this is not really a modern teaching tool. Because, it was always important for a teacher to sound confident in his class. The body language matters! Students would love to hear people who have a sharp and loud voice. They would simply doze off if their teacher’s voice sounds dull and monotonous. Use simple words which your students would understand, and speak with authority.
  • Be open-minded: Your students might belong to diverse backgrounds. An ideal modern teacher must be very liberal. In other words, never show favoritism towards any student. Treat each and every student in the classroom equally. Some students might be the most meritorious. Some others might be slow learners. The idea is to deal patiently and generously with all your students. Also, never impose your personal opinion on students. Encourage them to develop their own logical conclusions.
  • Encourage students to participate: Successful communication is a two-way process. So unless you obtain the feedback of your students on your lecture, you can never be sure if you have succeeded in imparting education. Motivate students to come up with questions and doubts on the subject which has been taught.
  • Emphasize key points: Students have a limited attention span. Well, most of them do, if not all! Therefore always make it a point to emphasize the main points of the topic which you have just covered. It would help students to understand lessons better.

My message to teachers is: give a modern touch to the old-fashioned methods of teaching. And, see the difference! Your students would just love you and your classes.


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