10 Exciting STEM Websites for Kids

10 Exciting STEM Websites for Kids

Have you considered how often you come across STEM in our lives? The sun you wake up to, the food you eat, the car you drive, the video game you play and just about everything you do require Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Therefore, an awareness of such arenas becomes crucial in our everyday lives. One such initiative is the celebration of the Computer Science Education Week which US President Barrack Obama kicked off with an Hour of Code and announcements of a $20 million philanthropic commitment to train 25000 new Computer Science teachers for US schools by fall 2016.

STEM study is the most appealing to kids since they are fun and engaging. Fortunately, the internet is filled to the brim with many such resources for kids and teachers alike. I have rounded up a few STEM websites.

CyberChase (PBS Kids)

Cyberchase takes place in the fantastic world of cyberspace , where three kids are drawn into cyberspace to help save Motherboard from a malicious guy by the name of Hacker, who wants to take over the system. It takes place over a few episodes, in each of which a new life skill is introduced, for example, how to read a map, how to solve inverse operation problems and so on. This is a nice show for kids aged around 5, to delve into Math problems and learn a lot from it.

Kinetic City

Kinetic City provides an incredible collection of games, science experiments and projects for kids to enjoy and learn from. In Kinetic City, knowledge-eating viruses are destroying the world's science. And kids need to save the science by playing certain games, projects by fixing the bugs in the system. There are power points from every mission and bonus questions along the way. It is very engrossing and quite an amazing show to help kids learn Science and have fun along the way.


This website was launched in 2013 to expand participation of children in Computer Science. It has also been made available in schools to help improve awareness of students about the computers and coding. The main objective behind this website is to help every students have the opportunity to learn Computer Science. This website features an introduction to Computer Science courses for K-8 students, programming tutorials in Python and Javascript and other resources. It helps kids design an iPhone game, draw in Javascript, write a computer program and so much more.

Engineering, Go For It! (eGFI)

This website was created by American Society for Engineering Education to inculcate an interest in Engineering subjects among students from the kindergarten level through high school. This website contains information on various branches of the engineering field including biomedical, computer, mechanical and much more. This website also provides advice on careers, links to eGFI magazine and links to several entertaining information of all kinds.

Zoom (PBS Kids)

This website contains a number of games, activities and downloadable offline projects to inspire kids develop an understanding of a range of subjects comprising STEM education. A few exciting activities of this website include ZOOMsci, ZOOMdo, CafeZOOM, ZOOMgames, ZOOMparty and many more.

NASA Kids' Club

This website helps kids to learn Science and Math by playing space-related games. The activities encompass several activities offering incredible visual elements. Kids can customize the experience by selecting a relevant age group. Kids can play fun games, participate in education-related activities and much more. This website also allows kids to check in on current space missions, play more games in a clubhouse, join an asteroid naming contest, or view NASA photographs.

Math Playground

This is an exciting website jam-packed with fun Math games. It contains clever game to keep kids engaged and teach them Math concepts along the way. It is an ideal website for kids aged between 7 and 9. Kids will find numerous tutorial videos made by students, logic puzzles, beginner level programming concepts, word problems and so much more.

Parents & Educators

This website by Design Squad Nation features games, activities and videos which incorporates principles of engineering. There are instructions for offline projects like building a slingshot for shooting marshmallows and various other contests that encourage kids to submit their own design. Kids can also earn points by completing these activities, urging them to move ahead.

Cool Math

This website enables kids to learn a number of Math problems ranging from addition to calculus. Kids can play educational games as well. It contains a helpful section for parents and teachers, links to other helpful websites for younger kids, teens stress management sites etc. Middle and high school kids can benefit from this website.

Try Science

Try Science provides an informative guide to technology, science and nature centers and science experiments. This website is packed with amazing activities like building a spaghetti bridge, how salt in the soil affects seed growth and so on. It has many more ideas for parents, teachers and motivated kids to share with other kids.


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