10 Strategies to Master the Art of Taking Class Notes Effectively

10 Strategies to Master the Art of Taking Class Notes Effectively

Do you wish to learn the skill of taking class notes? Whether you are a school students or just enrolled in a college, your note taking ability will take you a long way.   It helps you to remember or recall what you have heard and read in the class. This effective technique allows you to improve performance, scores and also your time management capacity. Here are a few tips that you must follow and improve your knowledge as well as retain materials.

Arrange the necessary materials

The first step is to gather all the necessary materials for taking notes. It might sound trivial but it is vital that you have all the things organized before you go to your class or lecture session. Do not forget to carry your A4 sized notebooks with lot of blank pages as well as pens with different colors of ink. If you are allowed to take your laptop inside your class, ensure that it fully charged or that you may also sit near power outlet. Use your glasses when your teacher writes vital information on whiteboard. Plus, you must be able take your seat in the front row from where you can see or hear your teacher easily.

Be prepared before you attend the class lecture

Before you go to the class, it is vital that you review notes of the last class you attended. It will help you to recall the lessons and help you to pick the lesson from where you just left off. Often the teachers asked their candidates to conduct background study and then attend the class. It may allow you to understand the concepts, ideas or themes that your teacher will present in the class.

Become a good listener

While taking notes, most people make the error to take down each and every word without actually following what is being said. You should not adopt this technique. Unless you do not understand the topic properly while you are in a class, you will definitely miss out an effective learning opportunity. The best idea is to listen to the information carefully and then take down the notes as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will feel confused during review time.

Make use of shorthand

According to experts, students of mediocre ability can write one to three words every second, while a mediocre speaker can speak at least two to three words every second. By learning the shorthand writing technique you can write effectively. For example, you can write things such as ‘cd’ for could or ‘w/’ for the word ‘with’. You can also use a plus sign for word ‘and’. You should know how to abbreviate lengthy words or phrases while taking down class notes.For example, during history class, you can write ‘pop sov’ instead of using popular sovereignty for several times. However it is essential that you can decipher your notes written in shorthand writing techniques later. In case you think you would have problem in interpreting the true meaning, try to write a key on the inner cover of the copy. You would also write the full words beside the abbreviated words just after the class.

Color the notes

Most tutors recommend the use of colors to the notes in order to make information readable and also easier to remember. This type of color coding allows you to link a particular color with notes. Coloring the important portion of your notes with bright colors allows you to remember content of notes with less difficulty. The best idea is to use pens with diverse colored pens to highlight various parts of the notes. For example, you could write down questions in red color, then definitions in green colors and then conclusions in deep blue colors. You may even use a marker pen to highlight key phrases, definitions, dates and so on.

Use Group Notes

You must be tired of copying multiple pages of notes on a daily basis. If so, you should not take notes at least regularly. Instead, you must create a group with few of your friends, take notes in turn and then exchange these things amongst each other. When you are not taking down notes you must try to listen to the things being discussed in the class. You can also jot down few important points, if you wish. Ask questions whenever you fail to understand the important point your tutor is trying to teach. In this way you can also earn trust of your teacher easily.If your objective is to become a better students and score better marks in examination, then you must learn the technique to take class notes. You can follow these tips to know how to take down notes quickly and that too in an effective way.Image Courtesy: www.plymouth.edu


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