11 Words You Have Never Heard Before

11 Words You Have Never Heard Before

Many years ago, when computers existed only in classroom laboratories, my dad took me to the bookfair. Amidst a cloud of dust and a rain of people from all directions, we landed in a nice little book stall. I was a first-timer at the bookfair then and armed with a mammoth dictionary and a big smile, on my way back home, I felt like I have hit the jackpot.

Those dictionaries were to help pepper my conversations with an extensive amount of vocabulary in contrast to the usual grunting and shrugging that used to accompany a teenager's conversation in my high school days. With the changing time, the internet has taken over the word play and the hardback tomes lay covered in dust. But the words continue to amaze us with their arresting mysteries and delight. With newer words being added to the dictionary, there are so many more we are yet to come to terms with. Let's have a look.

Flibbertigibbet : The next time your talkative friend opens her mouth, say, “You such a flibbertigibbet!” and watch how the words freeze in her mouth and stop themselves from falling out. You guessed it right, “flibbertigibbet” means an excessively gossipy person.

Logolepsy : Try this (at your own risk), when you are in a room full of people, shout out, “I have a bad case of legolepsy” and watch everyone scuttle with sympathetic faces trying to make sense of what you just said! You might even be branded as someone who “suffers from some disease”. But trust me, it means something wholly different. “Legolepsy” is the fascination or obsession with words.

Eunoia : “Eunoia” is the goodwill that a speaker fosters between himself and his audience. It is “eunoia” when you let your little brother have the biggest slice of cake or an extra cookie from your plate or when you give away your food to a little homeless girl.

Glaucous : Sounds like glaucoma, doesn't it? But “glaucous” is actually a color! It is the powdery bluish gray or bluish green coating on grapes and plums. This color somehow makes me feel calm and reminds me of the seaside peace that descends on me with a nice violin tune playing in my head.

Fribble : This little word comes with a wide range of meanings. It started with an indication of “stammer” and then went on to describe an aimless tottering while walking. It also means “a frivolous or foolish person”.

Superchery : Doesn't a super sweet and large-sized cherry spring to mind as soon as you hear the word? But let me tell you that, this word has got nothing to do with a cherry or sweetness. “Supercherry” means foulplay or fraud! Who would've thought?

Finifugal : Are you one of those people who hate endings and wish to prolong the final moments of a story just to avoid it? Even though it is not good for a writer, it just somehow seems too painful to let go. And there is actually a word for that. It is called “finifugal”. It applies to relationships, journeys and just about anything you can't face the ending of.

Cachinnate : “Cachinnate” is when your neighbor in the movie hall bursts into a guffaw at a funny scene. It means “to laugh loudly”. Imagine cachinnating in a room full of serious people till your sides hurt, the consequences might be ghastly or, it could make another memory which might result in another cachinnating episode on recall.

Yex : “Yes” is a great word to describe those uncontrollable and embarrassing bursts of hiccups, sobs  or belches. So the next time you are overcome with such a phase, just tell them, “Please excuse me, I'm having a yex.”

Sillage : How many times have you come across a situation where you could still smell a person long after he/she is gone? There is a word for that. It's called “sillage”. It can also be used to mean the trail left in water or the lingering impression or whiff of someone in the air.

Orenda : There's a bit of magic to this word, but only if you believe it. “Orenda” is “a mystical force present in all human beings that empowers us to bring change to our lives and to the world”. Not an everyday pixie dust, but I believe it has got something to do with faith  in oneself and one's work.

There you do, 11 mighty words you can include in your vocabulary with interesting meanings. Mighty deceiving, eh?


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