12 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

12 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently

Let's be honest here. How often have you come across a student saying, “It is the classroom that inspired me” or, “The first bench is my hero”? Sounds ridiculous, right? It is the teacher that matters. And a great teacher can turn the classroom into a second home for students.

“Every child is a prodigy, you just need to keep exploring till your last breath. And I'm always here to help”, our English ma'am in school used to tell us. I have always believed that she is the second most amazing woman in the world (first being my mother, of course). Her accomplishments spoke for themselves. However, I lost complete touch with her after school, but her lessons stayed with me. That is how I define a great teacher. And a successful teacher is all that and more. What sets them apart is the way they go about things and put their students ahead of themselves. This article is dedicated to those great human beings who have motivated each one of us. Let's have a look at what they do differently.

Learning is an everyday leisure

Successful teachers never put a stop to learning. Great teachers always strive to keep themselves up-to-date so that they would have every information at their fingertips whenever a student poses a question. In addition to that, becoming an information hub gives teachers a chance at role-play since learning new concepts puts them in a position of the student. This helps them understand their students better. And this learning does not happen as an everyday drill, successful teachers love their work and enjoy being subject-matter experts.

Providing holistic education

Education provided by successful teachers are holistic since this is the only way the lessons will get through to the student completely. Therefore, it is important to understand the students, their strengths and weaknesses, their restrictions and other situations they are going through, since these affect learning to quite an extent. The only tool for this to happen is a healthy communication.

Taking risks in the classroom

The most common trend in today's classroom is creativity and innovation. But have you wondered where this creativity arises from? It is the successful teacher who believes in and is brave enough to take the risk for creativity to take root in the classroom. Not only do students and teachers take learning risks, but they take it together. Let me tell you here, that these risks are not blind ones with a huge leap of faith, but are well-thought out and planned ones. Also, the consequences matter. If a risk-attempt fails, then the way you handle it, speaks a lot for you too.

Welcoming change

Change can brought about in anything, be it classroom behaviour, your lesson plans or the desk arrangement in your classroom. The best thing about change is, it keeps students on their toes and keeps them interested. Changes in lesson makes it different and engaging. You can think about involving your students in planning your lessons. You can even break a monotonous mid year session by rearranging desks in the classroom.

Having clear objectives

Great teachers have one thing in common. They have a clear roadmap of their objectives and whatever extra mile they are willing to travel for their students. Chalking out a plan does not limit creativity, in fact, it makes a whole new framework for it to grow. Also, setting clear objectives makes way for calculated and successful risks. It also ensures that students' learning ventures are purposeful.

Providing emotional support to the students

It is quite rare that a student can connect with a teacher well. And successful teachers are very likely to be the rare handful. It is imperative to build a strong relationship with students, respect their opinions and assist them when they are undergoing a turbulent phase. Yelling at students or using sarcasm is never a solution to anything, it makes things worse. A little bit of acknowledgment and motivation can go a long way.

Leading by example

Building a good reputation is important. Students look up to successful teachers as their role models. Therefore, it is essential to keep a positive attitude, be respectful of your students and handle adversity with grit and perseverance. Teachers play a significant role in a student's life. And a significant personality of the teacher can help in molding students as leaders in today's interconnected world.

Bringing fun into the classroom

Mr. Reed Gillespie is a horrible artist, atleast that's what he believes. He is an assistant principal at Kettle Run High School in Nokesville, VA and allows 30 seconds of laughing time to his students after completing his drawing of a pre-historic scene. Humour is an important part of the classroom. It builds an environment of mutual trust and respect. It also has the power to make the most mundane topics interesting.

Breaking out of the box

Did you know that sometimes, the biggest hindrance to becoming a successful teacher is us? Maybe you never thought that you would let encourage a different grading system in the class apart from the traditional one. Successful teachers do not restrict themselves since this leads to an obstacle to growth. Therefore, it is quite necessary to try new things in the classroom to allow a free flow of creativity and create a positive and exciting learning environment.

Communicating with parents

For a successful learning environment to thrive, collaborating with parents is absolutely crucial. Great teachers make way for parents to participate in their children's education process. A united front of parents and teachers hinder students' chances of falling back in their curriculum. Unfortunately, this relationship fails when teachers and parents feel threatened by one another. But successful educators aren't scared of such a situation and are confident enough to make their opinions known.

Being receptive to upgradation

Successful teachers do not shy away from newer methods of teaching, in fact, they embrace those with open arms. Augmentation of technology in the everyday lesson has created quite an uproar recently. And you might find the successful teacher staying back after class, taking classes to learn how these gadgets work. The reason is obvious, students will be benefited.

Establishing just expectations

Successful teachers establish just and clear expectations both, academically and morally at the beginning of the school year to help students set clear goals of what they should achieve. This helps them understand how they should study and how much they should complete in the stipulated time. In addition to that, maintaining the expectations and motivating the students to successfully achieve the same is highly crucial.

Having said all that, there's only one bottomline to this: What matters most is, not what teachers do, but how appropriately and effectively they do it.


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