33 ‘reasons’ for Extremism in Schools

33 ‘reasons’ for Extremism in Schools

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An investigation of the reasons for extremism in secondary schools summarized 33 reasons, the most astounding of which was the dimension of effect on companions, reports Al-Rai every day. It started things out with 77.6%, trailed by the absence of educational gatherings and addresses, trailed by the low educational role of certain educators and the feeble execution of school projects and tasks.

The implementation of school rules and regulations, the low-level job of mosques in managing fanaticism, the disappointment of schools to fulfill the requirements (exercises) of students, the absence of exchange among educator and student, and the absence of usage of projects that help national movement.


Some different reasons for fanaticism in optional schools incorporate relaxation time, the absence of social gatherings to address the issues of students, the interest with different societies, the over-reliance, the non-attendance of positive discourse inside the family, the failure to characterize objectives and the incorrect comprehension of the lessons of religion. The examination included 44.4% male students and 55.56% female of which 67.77% were Kuwaitis and 32.22% non-Kuwaiti.

A portion of the extra reasons for extremism was the absence of educational projects, the absence of flexibility to the school network, feeling of inadequacy, detachment from others, the inability to concur with the new factors, and the family's absence of fulfilment of the material needs of the youngsters, the feeling of unfairness, the feeling of need and low social dimension, the low dimension of training and the feeling of confinement from others.

The media in spreading the educational programs of balance and actuating the job of youth focuses and clubs intending to the issue, notwithstanding permitting enough space for discourse between the student and educator and reduce the media job that prompts viciousness, fulfilling the material and good need of kids, (79.72%), setting up educational projects to control radical idea, and turning to specific foundations to examine thoughts.

The examination likewise proposed issuing a draft resolution from the Ministry of Education to build up a social gathering in each school bearing the name and logo of control and steadfastness and a choice to set up a mindfulness bunch on the threats of radical idea and conduct.

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