4 Life Lessons That Kids Can Learn From Sports And Games

4 Life Lessons That Kids Can Learn From Sports And Games

The importance of sports in education can never be ignored.

On the outside, you may think of sports as only a medium to involve kids in physical activities (which, in itself is a good thing indeed) but that’s seemingly not all.

Sports can teach young kids a whole lot more than how to shoot a ball or how to hold a bat. They can teach them life lessons, which are something that can go a long way in an individual’s career.

In this article, we’ll take a peek at a few of these life lessons that kids may learn from sports and games. Let’s go through them without further ado.

1. Mistakes are a part of life

It’s a key life lesson; isn’t it?

We all make mistakes. They are more than a natural part of our life. But the key to rectifying them is to learn from the same and vow to NOT repeat them in future. Sports can help to inculcate this lesson in kids in a more than efficient manner.

Now that’s a definite upside indeed; there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Always remember,

Why do we fall?

So we learn to pick ourselves up.”

2. Sports can teach leadership

Leadership can’t be taught. It’s the sheer sense of responsibility that an individual develops on his/her own, especially when the situation calls for the same.

Sports can provide kids with a platform to develop leadership on the pitch itself. Here’s a simple example story that can prove this fact beyond all possible doubts:

Extra time…

Team losing 2-1. Only minutes left on the clock.

Somebody has to take the responsibility to save the game. Is anyone up for the job?

Sam thinks he is. He won’t give up until it’s the final whistle. He wants to give his all.

He takes the ball from the captain on the wings, dribbles past two players, looks up and finds no body beside him. Seconds left on the clock now…

What will he do? Two more defenders in front of him. Should he take them on or should he just take the shot? The team needs him now more than anything. Sam decides to take on the defenders on his own.

A determined Sam moves ahead with the ball at his feet. He tricks the defender into believing that he’ll shoot (which he doesn’t) and goes past the defender with ease. Another one left. He does the step over, gets past him and SHOOTS! HE SCORES! It’s 2-2. A precious point secured.

Source: Wiki

What Sam did in the fictitious story mentioned above is a clear case of utmost leadership, especially when the situation called for the most. So there’s no doubt that sports CAN provide kids with a platform to exhibit their leadership skills to the world in general.

3. Sports can teach the different ways of controlling emotions

Sports can appear to be frustrating at times. There’ll be games where everything will seem to be going against you. You’ll see that you can do nothing right on that particular day. Even the simplest shots aren’t turning into goals. Even the simplest tackles are turning into yellow cards.

Now, what would you do in those circumstances? Should you start displaying your frustrations on the field itself? Or should you try to swallow everything up in one go and vow to come back strong in the minutes to follow?

A display of emotions won’t work the least in such circumstances. A clear level head is what’s required to keep all those problems at bay.

So you can very well see that sports can definitely help a kid control his/her emotions in public. If that is not a life lesson, we seriously don’t know what is.

4. Success doesn’t have a shortcut

Sports teach young players the fact that the best of the best players in the world have worked the hardest of the lot to reach up to that level of perfection.

Success CANNOT be achieved through any shortcuts. You’ll either have to go all-in or nothing. This is perhaps one of the biggest life lessons that kids can learn from sports.

A few more worthy mentions…

Sports can also teach things like:

  • Camaraderie

  • Time management

  • Team working and

  • Respect

All of these lessons are mighty important for an individual to fare well in the long run. SO better start early, preferable from today itself. A step today can pay for a better tomorrow.


So what do you think now? Should you enroll your kid in sports classes to benefit him/her in the long run? Don’t procrastinate further. Just get him/her in with your eyes closed.


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