5 Inspiring ways to boost a clean environment in Singapore

5 Inspiring ways to boost a clean environment in Singapore

Singapore is one of the cleanest cities of the world with lots of trees, forests and greenery. But it is also one of the most advanced and busiest cities with lot of infrastructure, construction and population. Hence there is lot of pollution like air, water and industrial pollution. As the city develops the amount of pollution also rises. This is a universal problem and all the countries are trying to find a solution. Hence to curb the pollution and making the environment healthy, people need to grow more and more trees, try not to use polluted things, and not cut down forests to build skyscrapers.

Importance of having a clean environment

To keep Singapore clean enforcement is needed with more community involvement can set right value and social norms. Ideas like publicly shaming wrongdoers can also work in Singapore as they have a very efficient law system. Also one of the key factors is to raise awareness amongst the people regarding clean environment especially in youth since many of us grow up in an urbanized environment. The following are the ways of how to keep our environment clean:

  1. Air pollution has a very adverse effect on the environment globally. More the number of industries and vehicles, the more is the contamination of the environment. As citizens we should always try to reduce pollution by following some simple rules such as switching off the AC when not in use, reducing the use of cars etc.

  2. Drive your car less and use other means of transportation instead. Use public transportation which is extremely well connected and maintained in Singapore. As more number of people will use public transport there will be less pollution. One can also implement the idea of car pooling. It is a very effective idea which will save your time and money as well decrease pollution.

  3. Maintain a healthy ecosystem. It is the need to an ecosystem to have good interaction with green plants, organisms and animals in a healthy environment. Awareness regarding increase in trees and plants and should be made. Campaigns should start to save trees from the construction of the buildings. Today, schools and institutions teach students regarding forestation, saving of aquatic plants, animals and reduce the number of industries. This help in keeping the environment clean and green in future.

  4. Recycle and reuse also helps in saving the environment. Buy products that are reusable so that there is a decrease in the production and industries. Many waste products like glass, plastics, aluminum, and paper can be recycled and reused. This will help to prevent air pollution which caused due to accumulation of such materials and products.

  5. In Singapore, modern and smart planting methods like vertical trees and gardens, botanical gardens can be created. These innovative ideas will provide large number of trees without any space issue. Also to make environment clean, citizens have to take the responsibility of keeping the roads and streets clean. Make sure that no one litters the road. Clean their houses and offices everyday and help each other while doing this. This will bring a drastic change in the environment of Singapore. More and more people should take the initiative regarding clean and green environment and awareness should be created.


Today, global warming is one of the biggest issues across the whole world. The temperature of the earth is rising day by day and it will lead to melting of glaciers. So it is the responsibility of people to keep their environment clean for a better future. Also cleanliness is very important as most of the diseases are due unclean houses and environment. So we all should take a pledge to keep our environment clean and green.


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