5 online learning myths students must know

5 online learning myths students must know

Do you regret quitting your education and joining a job just after your graduation results were declared? If yes, then naturally, your conscience is asking you to pursue higher education to expand your reservoir of knowledge. However, your professional commitments hardly spare you any quality time, which might be invested in accomplishing other productive goals. Relax, for the internet has made our lives simpler!Today, going ‘digital’ is the new mantra for achieving success, in almost every field. Now, students no longer lock themselves in the library leafing through hundreds of pages to prepare their notes. Instead, they log onto search engines like ‘Google’ and simply type in their queries. Within almost a fraction of a second, Google throws up innumerable ‘results’ that can be utilized effectively to gain information on a wide variety of subjects. Furthermore, the education system too has undergone a smart transformation, with the advent of the cyber media. So, you can now bid farewell to boring classrooms and lectures of professors and embrace the latest technology, in the form of ‘online learning’.

Online learning is the perfect solution to accumulating knowledge in the fast-paced lifestyle of the twenty-first century. You will find that distance learning courses on various disciplines are catching up steadily nowadays. Are you wondering the reason behind their popularity? Well, it is because they are more interactive and convenient for modern-day students. Yes, it is true. There are several benefits of online learning, which makes learning a fun process!

However, despite the numerous merits of online education, I bet many would discourage you from enrolling into academic courses. According to most people, online degrees are never recognized by employers and therefore fail to add any weightage to your curriculum-vitae. Some others would go on to add that such tutorials are not sufficiently equipped with faculty who are qualified enough to teach pupils. But in reality, none of them are true. Let us bust the top five online learning myths in the following paragraphs:

  • Online degrees are not acknowledged: This is one of the most common myths associated with online learning. Today, several universities authorized by the board or state are offering online courses. So, naturally, their courses would be as legitimate as traditional educational courses! There is another good news for you. You would be surprised to know that employers are actually impressed by employees with online degrees, particularly for their expertise in handling team work and flexibility.
  • Online learning is easy and less time-consuming: You might be thinking that online lessons are way too simpler and does not consume as much as time as normal classroom lessons! The truth is that online tutorials maintain similar standards as their traditional counterparts. There exists various online colleges which have strict schedules, especially for their examinations. However, they can be adjusted as per your availability, if the need arises. You must possess some great time management skills if you join such courses.
  • Online lessons lack social interaction: If you thought online education make students lonely, think again! A majority of online universities enable interaction of students and professors, through a common platform. This helps in more than ways than one. Firstly, students can share their queries with their teachers and get them clarified through such a forum. Facilities like online libraries, video conferencing and online chats encourage students to learn better and faster. Secondly, if you are an introvert, online education would provide you the best comfort zone ever. For, you can study from your home, and engage over a digital platform, where people cannot see you directly.
  •  Cheating becomes easier: This is yet another common misconception about online learning. No, you cannot fool your professors on the web. Remember, technology is smarter than you! So bunk the idea of ‘proxy exams’, if that thought did enter your brains. Online tutors often request students to grant them access to the cameras of their computers, just to re-confirm the identity of the student. Moreover, while students are appearing for online exams, certain security questions appear on the screen. This is done as a further verification to check the examinee’s identity.
  • Online learning is cheaper: This might dampen your spirits slightly, but the bitter truth is that online learning is not cheaper than traditional colleges! Rather, certain online colleges demand exorbitant fees, depending on the type of courses you choose. Students must do a good research before deciding on such courses and compare their fees with that of traditional courses.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few other myths regarding online lessons. However, these five are the most common ones which are enough to freak you out! Proper planning and a thorough research of the best online schools would help you select courses which would be the best for you.


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