5 Reasons why Life Skills are crucial for students

5 Reasons why Life Skills are crucial for students

Eleven-year-old Kirsty Bell was in a fix. Her Geography teacher had assigned a group project to the class, selecting a leader for each of the groups. And, Kirsty was the leader of her group, which consisted of five of her classmates. Unfortunately, on the final project submission day, one of Kirsty’s group members, Henry was absent. He was suffering from viral fever. Now Henry was in-charge of drawing three maps for the project – so naturally they couldn't submit it without those maps!

Though Kirsty was nervous, she decided not to give up. She discussed the issue with her group. Then, she requested her Geography teacher to stretch the submission deadline to three more hours. The teacher agreed, and Kirsty’s group were capable of completing the project. The project was a success, even in the absence of an active group member, and that too, without any fuss.

Had it been any other student of the sixth standard, I bet she would have faltered. But, Kirsty confronted the situation confidently. For, she was armed with great ‘life skills’, from a tender age. So, skills like problem-solving, decision making, analyzing, social and organizational abilities were deep-rooted in her personality.

All students must be exposed to life skills, since they enable them to deal with daily challenges inside and beyond classrooms. But how do such skills really help students? Let us continue reading to know it.

Adaptability: The world around us is constantly changing. So, to survive in this dynamic planet, students must learn how to adapt and adjust to different circumstances. Moreover, flexibility is a must when you are working in a team. This is another reason why school teachers make students work in group projects. For, if students are motivated towards a common goal, they would strive to achieve it. And, they would sort out their differences in opinion, to reach their goal of finishing it on time.

Sociability: Sociability is one of the most essential life skills for students. For, they must cooperate with their fellow classmates in school and college, and later, collaborate with their colleagues and bosses in their corporate lives. Besides, they should also live in harmony with their own family members, relatives and neighbors. Extra-curricular school activities like public speaking competitions, sports and cultural events, group quiz programs and school excursions are excellent ways of helping students grow more social. Social skills help you in decision-making and communication.

Leadership: Students must also learn how to lead. Life skills assist them in organizing groups, identifying goals, settle conflicts within groups and motivate each of the group members. Let’s take the example of Kirsty Bell, about whom I was speaking in the introduction. Imagine the fate of the Geography project, if she failed to complete the assignment! She was the leader of her group. And being the leader, she couldn’t let her team’s efforts go in vain. So, she worked together with her group and resolved the problem.

Capability: A successful world is created by the joint efforts of highly capable individuals. In other words, you must be able to take the initiative to do things successfully, and also independently. Students must be taught the value of determination, diligence and dedication. Life skills empower school kids to question, plan, analyze, improve and present ideas effectively. Remember one thing, it is the strength of your initiative which decides your chances of success in a particular endeavor of yours. Just begin with an optimistic mindset, friends.

Productivity: Productivity is constantly ingrained in students – be it in schools or colleges. It is done through regular class and home assignments, projects, written exams and viva voce. When I attended school, I remember how my teachers motivated pupils to score high grades in all our exams. Some of them even conducted special classes before exams, to clarify numerous doubts of the average students. Because, productivity is something we just can’t afford to compromise upon – be it in academics or the professional arena.


But, can life skills really be taught in schools? I feel, life skill education is something which must be imparted right since one’s early childhood. And, it must definitely begin at home. Believe me, one fine morning you will really ask yourself why your school didn’t teach you some important life skills. And mind you, when I say that, I mean the most basic life skills like techniques for faster learning, time management and so on. But then again, for some of you, learning life skills might be a spontaneous process.

For instance, nobody taught me the tricks of time management. When I was a school student, I was often unable to finish writing my exam papers on time. It was so disappointing! Then, gradually, I learnt to schedule the time spent on answering each question – and soon, became the first one amongst my classmates to finish the paper.


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