5 Tips for Students to Stay Fit and Healthy

5 Tips for Students to Stay Fit and Healthy

Being a student is not an easy job. The day is packed with many activities, be it in school or at home. Due to the busy schedules, they have less time for physical activities which are important for the well-being of their bodies.

In this article, I will share with you 5 tips for students to stay fit and healthy — amidst the chaotic schedules.

1. Do not skip the three main meals

It is important to always have the three main meals which are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes, we get too caught up in our daily itinerary that we forget to take our breakfast or lunch.

By sticking to the correct eating schedules, we ensure that our body is getting all the important nutrients. Besides, the meals will provide the necessary energy to our body and this will make it easier for us to go forward with our daily activities.

2. Choose your food wisely

Just because you don’t want to miss the three main meals, it doesn’t mean that you can blindly eat anything available on the table.

You should carefully pick a few varieties of foods that can provide you all the essential nutrients that your body needs such as:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fibre
  • Fat
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Water

Supplementary pills can be taken as an alternative if the selections in front of you don’t have the complete nutrients.

Another tips is, try to enforce good eating habits. This might take some time and practice but it will worth the effort. Here are some tips on good eating habits:

  • Choose nuts over chips - Nuts are known for its goodness in heart health. Chips? Not so much.
  • Choose unsweetened fruit juice over soda - Fruit juice wins every time. It provides vitamins to the body.
  • Choose white meat over red meat - White meat contains less fats and calories. It is also a better source of protein.

3. Have a daily exercise schedule and stick to it

Another thing that students can do in order to stay fit and healthy is by having a fixed exercise schedule. They should try to find a time in between the schedules and do physical exercises in that time slot.

The exercise routine doesn’t have to be too heavy or long. By doing light stretches or jogging for fifteen minutes a day, that’s enough to train your body muscle, improve your stamina and keep the whole body fit and healthy.

4. Make the daily exercise fun

Everybody loves to do fun activities. They will do it every day and looking forward for it! Therefore, you should make your exercise activities fun.

Here are some of the ways to make it fun:

  • Jog in the park - Instead of running in the gym (and have to pay for it!), choose playground or lake park as a place to jog. You can enjoy the scenery, meet new people and breathe the fresh air while jogging or running.
  • Have jogging buddies - There’s a saying that goes: ‘The more, the merrier’. And nothing is more fun than doing something with you best buddies. So, tag along a friend or two every time you go jogging.

5. Avoid inactive activities in free time

Once in a while, especially after having a busy day, we all love to sit in front of the television and stay there for a long period of time. This is not a big problem, as long as we know when and how to stop.

One of the tips to stay fit and healthy is to reduce the number of inactive activities in our daily lives. Instead of sitting in front of the TV and be a potato couch, why don’t you go outside and have a walk around the neighbourhood. By doing this, you’re keeping your muscle active and releasing the stress from yesterday’s work, by enjoying the view of the neighbourhood.

You can also do some active, sweat-producing activities in your house such as:

  • Cleaning the house - Sweeping, cleaning and painting are not only good for your house but also for your health. After an hour of a cleaning session, you’ll notice the sweats on your body and the calories burnt from your body.
  • Dance to the music - Feel free to turn on the radio and listen to some funky songs. Stand up and move to the music. By doing this, you’re keeping your health in a good condition and have fun at the same time!
  • Watch workout videos - If you insist on watching TV during your free time, try to tune in to some lifestyle channels and watch the workout programs. But, don’t just lie around on the couch. Join them in doing some light stretches and jogs in the whole 30-minute program. You’ll sweat eventually.

There are many other ways to keep you healthy and fit. Some might be too extreme and some might not be suitable for your body. It is up to you to choose the easiest and suitable tips for you to apply and integrate into your busy daily schedules.


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