5 Vital Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

5 Vital Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Attending preschool is indeed a huge step in your kid’s life and in this matter, you, as a parent, can definitely play a vital role in helping the little one prepare for the new experience. Here are a few tips you must follow and help your child to cope up with the ambience of preschool.

Do not over stress

There is no need to begin preparing your kid for preschool few months in advance. Many worried parents start talking with the little ones about preschool and prepare them well ahead of the time. And by the time the school is about to start, the kids start feeling anxious that it will be going to be a big event their life, which also can be a bit overwhelming and strenuous. Instead, you should begin talking about the preschool casually and also in upbeat way nearly two or three weeks before the class commences. For example, if you pass by a park along with your kid, you may point out a slide and say that the she also finds something similar to that thing in her new school. This is a good way to allow her know what the little one expects and also allows your kid something to wait for.

Follow a proper schedule

Following the routine offers anyone the scope to make right decision as well as acting in a responsible way and having a regular schedule for your child will help her cope with the pre-school setting. Experts also believe that the kids learn best if the daily schedules or routines are formed. Establishing proper routines at home will allow your child to get prepared for the new school beforehand.

Stick to Morning or Bedtime Routines

If followed consistently, the routines give the toddlers a good sense of belonging as well as reassurance and also offer the parents with regular opportunities to connect to them. Make sure that you develop the right routine for morning as well as during bedtime that fits your child’s requirement. Early morning schedule includes allowing your kid to make her own bed, get dressed properly, eat breakfast quickly, brush teeth and pack a bag. Toddlers will just love to do this task being allotted for them and a nice picture next to each and every item will be an added advantage for them. Indeed it will be a nice to offer visual reminder for what they would expect after completion of the task.

Most preschools also offer similar schedules that allow your daughter prepare as well as get organized like never before. Bedtime means sleeping in a room alone which often stir nightmares for children. Effective schedule before bedtime includes reading book, wearing the night dress, bathing, brushing teeth, offering prayers, singing beautiful song and so on. All these tasks allow her to learn discipline and as a parent, you also get the scope to share additional bonding. Your child will slowly gain maturity and independence. Attending school alone will no longer become a fearful thing for the kid.

Create teachable moments for your child:

Most children are curious about the world around them and this makes the life filled with teachable moments. In midst of busy life, you must find out brief moments to help the little ones about the simple lessons about their lives. Indeed, these teachable lessons help a kid to learn as well as empathize with others better. For example, you can find out as well as ask the kids several questions about the changes in weather, about leaves falling on the ground and so on. Teachable moments also may be created when birds fly, dog barks or even when a cat sheds. Lot of teachable moments can be created and you must grab them for the sake for your children.

Allow your child to have a glance at the preschool

A good idea is to take your kid one or two days before the actual commencement of the session. Visit the school while it is in full session. Make sure that you introduce your kid to the tutor, allow him or her to observe the details. If such thing is not possible, you can also take your kid to visit the school during holidays. Point out the classroom and tell what exciting thing is waiting for her. Tell stories and try to raise curiosity about new school.

Follow these valuable tips or suggestion to prepare your child for a new beginning in life.


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