5 Ways Faith Schools Help Students

5 Ways Faith Schools Help Students

How about sending your child to an institution which does not teach him ‘religions’, but teaches him ‘about religions’? Naturally, you would prefer schools which stress on the latter. And, you know why. I’m sure you have heard the popular saying, ‘God created man, and man created religions’. Now, to ensure universal peace, we must embrace God in all His forms, represented through the many religions of the world. That’s what you call ‘secularism’, the practice of respecting the ideologies prevalent in each and every religion.

Faith schools’ do a brilliant job in this regard. Sounds different, doesn't it? If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you must be acquainted with such type of schools. And you will realize what makes them strikingly different from traditional schools.

What are faith schools?

UK is home to some unique schools, known as faith schools. These academic institutes follow an ordinary school curriculum, but are closely associated with a religious body. Therefore, they follow the principles of a particular religion. Schools adhering to such rules are generally financed by the State government. However, you would also come across some independent schools in UK which have religious attributes. Of late, faith schools have provoked a debate concerning their effectiveness, though they are quite popular in general. Faith schools are also referred to as ‘church schools’.

How do faith schools help students?

Now, let us see how students are benefited by these faith schools scattered throughout UK, in the following paragraphs:

Encourage good education: Parents always seek schools which would motivate their kids to perform well in academics. Faith schools are known to help pupils score higher grades in exams, as compared to other normal schools. This is due to the fact that such schools offer equal opportunities to students belonging to different faiths. Irrespective of religious backgrounds, all students are provided decent standards of education. That is one of the reasons why children studying in these schools are academically strong and achieve success in their lives.

Equipped with religious ethos: Students of faith schools are exposed to a spiritual environment since a tender age. For, a major part of a day is spent in schools, as we already know. So you will be able to imbibe a fair amount of moral education, otherwise ignored by many traditional schools. Teachers of faith schools teach students how to maintain cordial relations with one another and be sociable. Children are also instructed to behave well with their friends, family members and relatives and treat all religions with respect.

Don’t inculcate religious extremism: You know what’s the best thing about faith schools? It’s their broad-mindedness which checks them from preaching religious extremism. These academic organizations firmly believe that the only logical way of putting an end to such extremism is to be involved in a faith, instead of ignoring it. Therefore, all the faith schools in UK teach students of various religious faiths. If your child is explained the characteristics of a particular religion properly, he would never even think of turning into a religious extremist.

More popular amongst parents: I bet you would opt for a school which would recognize the value of your own religious faith. Faith schools are popular amongst parents for this very reason. Since they accept children of different religious communities, parents feel more belonged to their country. So, in such schools, students learn to love all religions all the more because their schools understand their religion and respect them too. And, as you know, children are influenced largely by what their school teachers teach them and also follow themselves.

Inspires you to love your religion: Just like secularism helps you emerge into a better human being with the maximum tolerance levels, loving your own religion is important too. So, don’t you think the world needs schools based on specific religions? For instance, the faith schools in UK are all church schools. Yes, you guessed it absolutely right! Such schools follow Christian principles. Now, if you are a Christian, just think how these kind of institutions would cater to your needs beautifully. I have myself studied in a Christian missionary school. And I clearly remember how wonderfully the Christmas Nativity Play used to be staged in our school church every year. So these schools have a great way of instilling Christian values in students.


So, you see, faith schools do you a world of good, rather than the independent educational institutes. I hope these facts about faith schools would enable you to derive a good idea of what these schools are like. Why don’t you try them out? Enroll your child into a reputed faith school in UK and watch him grow into a dignified human being with high moral principles.


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