5 Ways in which Google Plus Aids Teachers

5 Ways in which Google Plus Aids Teachers

Ten-year-old Arisa was unable to attend school for an entire week, on account of a viral fever. Obviously, she missed all the notes and sample test papers which were provided to her class-mates while she was away from school. And, to make matters worse, her final exams were knocking at the door, ready to pounce on her! She was in a mess, but determined to find out a way to wriggle out of this unfavorable situation.

So she called up one of her school-teachers on the phone, who advised her to register for a Google Plus account immediately. The young schoolgirl promptly obeyed her teacher’s advice and added all her teachers in her ‘Google Circle’. Then, with the aide of the Google ‘Hangout’ feature, her teachers conducted a few online classes through ‘chat’ sessions with Arisa. These classes were aimed to clear Arisa’s doubts in certain subjects as well as to communicate some essential suggestions to her – which she had missed during the last seven days. At the end of these classes, Arisa heaved a sigh of relief. For Google Plus had rescued her from the ‘pre-exam trauma’ she would have suffered, had this efficient social platform not existed!

Modern education is indebted to technology, which has enabled teachers to use social media inside classrooms. Amongst the other social networking sites, Google Plus is increasingly growing in popularity amongst educators due to its unique characteristics. But how does this platform actually aide teachers? Let us read on, to uncover its contribution to teachers.

  • Circles: Wondering what Google Circles are? Well, they are specific groups, which help you connect with your friends, teachers and acquaintances from various parts of the world. Teachers can use this popular feature to make a circle for students and invite them to join it. You can also encourage students to create their circles, focused on a particular subject, or topic. Teachers can then use this forum to assign tasks to learners, discuss important details concerning the topic and make class announcements.
  • Hangouts: Hangouts assist teachers and students in amazing ways, like I mentioned in the introduction. Teachers will be able to engage in video chatting sessions with as many as 10 students in real time, thanks to this feature. And, that too, free of charge! You can take online classes for kids who require special attention or those who have queries on the topics you taught them. Some introvert learners are reluctant to ask questions to their teachers. Hangouts make them more confident.
  • Notifications: Whenever teachers post new content, they want students to be notified so that they can immediately access the information. Google Plus uses a ‘notifications’ element. Using this feature, teachers can easily regulate how their students can communicate with them, when something new is posted. You can choose either text message, browser or email notification. Some of you might prefer utilizing all the three notification techniques. This keeps students in the loop and ensures that none of them misses anything posted by their teachers.
  • Sparks: Very few teachers are aware of Google ‘Sparks’ feature. Through this feature, teachers can research on any topic and receive information related to it, in the form of videos, images and articles. You will discover a ‘share’ button at the end of the articles you find. And, all you need to do is just click on it to share the content within your circles. This way, your students can obtain reference material on several subjects and score brilliantly in exams.
  • Google Takeout: When you are sharing documents, videos or links anywhere on the Internet, you expect them to be available across several other platforms. For, at times your Google server might not be operational due to slow Internet connectivity or other technical issues of Google. Or, some of you (I mean students or teachers) might even forget the passwords of your Google plus accounts. So how would you access your data in such cases? I’m sure you can do so if you use the Google ‘Takeout’ option in Google Plus. The feature helps create back up of the data of users and even convert to other platforms.

It’s just been a little over a year that Google Plus has become active. Yet, in such a short span of time, it has won the hearts of hundreds of educators with its smart features and applications. You will discover new features here every now and then in Google Plus, since this platform believes in innovating itself to cater to the requirements of modern users. So one cannot ignore the immense potential of Google Plus as an effective teaching tool. Moreover, learners of the twenty-first century are keen to experiment with new learning techniques – so teachers must make efforts to modernize their teaching procedures.

Haven’t you observed how tech-savvy Gen-Y is, dear teachers? Believe me, they will be more interested in their lessons only if you give them more chances if employing social media sites like Google Plus!


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