5 ways students can build their General Knowledge

5 ways students can build their General Knowledge

‘Knowledge is power’, they say. And I would like to add, ‘Learning is an eternal experience’. No one can claim to know everything. Nor is a single lifetime enough to learn about every subject on earth. But, does that we mean we must stop accumulating knowledge? Or, simply be adamant and refuse to welcome knowledge in all its forms?

To keep pace with this ever-transforming world, we must develop a sound awareness about our surroundings, the people, circumstances or events taking place around us. Be it social, economic, political, religious or cultural – man has no other choice but to drown in the vast ocean of information.

Hey, wait! Do I really need to remind you why General Knowledge is important? Building a strong General Knowledge is essential for students of all ages. Rather, I should put it like this: being equipped with General Knowledge helps kids, young students, teenagers, college-goers, and even job professionals, to a great extent!

If you’re a student, General Knowledge can assist you in scoring high grades in all the competitive exams. So, it will impart in you a new confidence as you appear for Bank PO, MBA, Civil Service or other important examinations. And, if you are seeking a new job, it can help you crack the toughest interviews or group discussions!

Now, dear students, let me reveal some of the best techniques which can help you develop your General Knowledge:

Choose your subject: Students, your very first step must be to select your favorite category. You might be more interested in sports than History or Geography. Science, or arts, might be more appealing to some others. And, some of you might be attracted by Mathematics. It is very rare that you harbor equal interest in all subjects. So, you need to know where your strength lies in – in which field exactly. Gathering up new information on your favorite subject will keep you motivated always. And you will always be thirsty for more and more knowledge on the field.

Collect General Knowledge books: You can start collecting books and magazines which contain several series of questions and answers. And, of course, quizzes. Why not buy books by authors like Neil O’Brien or Derek O’Brein? These people have gained recognition for their vast knowledge in different disciplines. Go to any bookstore. There, you will find interesting books by these authors, complete with questions, photographs and also the answers to those questions at the back of the books. They are all tailor-made for students of various classes. If you cannot buy so many books, borrow a few ones from the local library.

Do thorough research: Now that you have got the books, invest your time in doing a good research on your chosen subject. It would indeed be great if you ask your parents or teachers for their guidance in this regard. Don’t you need to know which particular category or sub-category you should begin with? If you have access to the Internet, you can also research online. Some students discuss with their friends, about how to start imbibing General Knowledge. In short, you need to ensure that you know all the details of your subject.

Discuss with people: Remember this: learning becomes more effective when done together! That’s why you must make it a point to share your knowledge with your friends, peer groups, teachers and others who have a keen interest in General Knowledge. If you do this, your friends will also discuss the very little they know, with you. It might not be relevant to your tastes, but then knowledge is so precious, in whatever form it comes. Who knows, you might require this knowledge some other day, in some other way? You can also form your own General Knowledge clubs in your schools, with the aide of teachers.

Never stop reading: Read, read and keep reading voraciously. This is the only way to keep tab on the latest news. It would be also be an essential value-add to your unique quiz collection. Read local newspapers, magazines and periodicals. But, don’t miss out on the international newspapers and news websites dear students. When you switch on the television, make sure you spend at least thirty minutes watching the news. And also watch any and every discussion on your chosen subject, if any. You can even download a special ‘news app’ on your smartphone which would provide you the daily news updates.

Students, start from today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. For, today is always the best time to start learning something new. Wouldn’t you want to grow up into a person who impresses everyone he meets, with his outstanding General Knowledge?


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