5 Ways Video Games help School Kids

5 Ways Video Games help School Kids

Video game is an elixir of life to children and young adolescents. In fact, addiction to such games has gone viral amongst all age groups – starting from school-kids, college students and continuing to haunt even the adults. So, you can’t really blame the children alone, you see.

Ten-year-old Stanley Kwan is one such video-game obsessed child. You will find him glued to his video game players, absorbed in Xbox 360 game series, 24*7. But, he can afford this luxury only during weekends. Because during the entire week, he tearfully parts with his game players when he goes to school. Believe me friends, its true!

Kwan’s parents have left no stone unturned in dissuading their only child from doing so – but to no avail. For, video games are believed to be the culprits behind violent behavior and lack of concentration in children. But, are these games indeed so mischievous? I don’t think so. Research has proven that video games have numerous benefits.

I bet, so many of you are already smiling reading this. Especially if you are amongst the thousands of addicted video game players! You must read on to know the top five ways video games help school students:

Teaching problem-solving skills: When you play video games, you need to navigate smartly across several hurdles, earn reward points and complete certain activities before you proceed to new levels. And, reach the final level of the game. So you plan different strategies to make sure you win the game you are playing, and score the maximum points. Researchers state that this practise stimulates brain development. Kids learn some crucial decision-making skills by spending time on these video games. They also learn to follow a given set of rules and regulations essential for winning the games.

Motivating leadership skills: Children, particularly school-kids love competition as well as the tremendous urge to win. This is true especially for boys, though girls too, are equally interested in winning – be it in academics or games. My seven-year-old cousin brother never quits playing video games till the time he wins. He won’t eat or sleep until he defeats his competitors. So, you see, these games motivate kids to participate in a healthy competition. They also help develop their leadership skills, as they lead their respective teams while playing video games.

Developing social skills: Yes, you heard it right. Video games go a long way in making your kids social! You wouldn’t argue with me if you know why. They actually encourage children to make more friends and even permit them to enjoy quality time in a group of friends. This happens simply due to the fact that kids love discussing their latest collection of games with friends and comparing scores with those of their peers, after playing. The games encourage them to socialize more often and with a larger number of people too.

Fostering creativity: Now, this would really make parents and teachers happy. For, video games have been proven to usher creativity inside the young minds of school children. In most games, players are required to choose their character personalities. When kids do this, they are automatically expressing their interests – so a video game is a great medium which offers kids a chance of self-expression. Besides, certain games ask players to design their own maps or other kinds of content. So kids are compelled to think along more creative lines. And, creativity is one of the most important qualities in a human being.

Offering visual learning experience: Nothing captures the attention of youngsters better than a visual treat! And video games offer plenty of visual learning experiences to children. It would be more apt to state that visual treats are provided to all players, irrespective of their ages. It is not really very entertaining, particularly for kids. For instance, some games allow players to take part in car racing games, while others might have elaborate action scenes where you have to fight goons with guns and win the game. This way, kids get a clear idea of circumstances or events which prepare them for learning lessons in schools. For, they start visualizing whatever they learn.

For a change, you can introduce your kids to some unique video games which can help them grasp their lessons better in school. I’m sure they would love you for letting them indulge in playing some more. For, there are some really exciting educational video games which motivate learning.

So, next time your child is hooked to a new game, think twice before you scold them. Or, box their ears! For who knows, our humble ‘video game players’ of today might be successful leaders of tomorrow.

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