6 Basic Rules Expected in All Schools

6 Basic Rules Expected in All Schools

The school is the first place where a person comes into contact with the outside world, with so many people around. In future, they guide us what to do and what not. It is, in fact, the perfect place where one gets the training that is necessary for life. Thus, it is necessary that the schools should bind the students by some specific rules. When the students stay focused the on these rules then they are sure to get a better education. The parents are asked to support the rules and regulations that the schools impose on the students. There can be different types of rules. If you want to know them you can go through this article as here are some of the rules that schools generally follows.

Fundamental Rules

The students should maintain a courteous behavior and good manners. The students are not allowed to loiter around in the public places nor are they allowed to show offensive and loud behavior. There should be respect towards all the teachers, staffs and also among themselves. They are also expected to maintain punctuality in all matters.

When the students are in the class they are expected to behave well. They should not eat anything inside the class. Continued disobedience may not be tolerated by the schools. Serious steps might be taken against them.

Regarding Attendance

If you are not sure about the school hours then know that the students have to be in the school premises throughout the allotted school hours. Thus, the students should be punctual in arriving at the school. They should also attend the classes with all punctuality. The students shall remember that not extra leaves prior to the closing and opening of the holidays would be granted to them. The students should not leave the school premises unless the concerned authority permits him or her.

Regarding Uniform

The students are expected to follow the school uniform code, which denotes that they should wear and maintain clean clothes and shoes. The undergarments that show up in the shirt front are not to be worn. The students should not dye their hairs. The hairstyles should be simple. Body piercings are not permitted. The schools do not permit wearing of the jewelry sets. Wearing makeup, nail polish is also discouraged.

Regarding Using and Protecting School Property

The students are deemed to be responsible for taking care of the properties of the school. If they damage any of the properties then they have to pay a compensation for that. They should keep the school areas clean and throw away any waste in the bins provided in every corner of the school. There are also separate bins placed in each of the classrooms. The books that the school or are the library provides are the properties of the school and they should take proper care of them.

Regarding Using and Protecting Personal Property

When the students are coming to the schools they should have all their properties like bag, books, pens, calculators, clothing, sporting equipment and other thing named. This will help if at times they lose any of the items in the school. When a student loses or finds any of the properties then they can report that to the school authorities right away. Another thing to note here is that the school authorities would not be responsible for the loss of any property. Other things that they should keep in mind are:

  • They should not bring sharp items to school.

  • Neither should they bring any kinds of explosives, alcohols, drugs and other things.

  • The students also should not bring any valuable items like cameras, expensive pens, and watches.

  • Use of electronic gadgets like headphones, iPods, mobile phones, etc. in the school premises is strictly prohibited. If any of the items are found with the students then that would be confiscated.

Regarding Homework

The students are asked to do their homework regularly. This will help them to be at par with the teachings of the class.

The institutes expect that the students to cooperate with the teachers and the school authorities in carrying out the rules and regulations successfully. The schools also warn the students not to indulge themselves in any kind of illegal activities. Violating any of the above-mentioned rules can result in severe measures taken against them by the school authorities.


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