6 Key Qualities to Look for in Any Math Tutor

Feb 19, 2020

If you are going through a struggle in mathematics, we will request you to keep up that fight. Don’t give up. Practice sums, face your fears and get the help of a tutor. But now there’s another problem. A good tutor is also pretty hard to find, especially when the tutor has to be involved in the field of mathematics. So what are the qualities that should you try to look into a math tutor?

Good communicator

It’s a pretty obvious quality to look out for in tutors; not math tutor but almost every tutor. It should be seen that you and your tutor should be able to communicate well with each other. Good communication is the gateway to a successful career. Try to get a tutor who remains in touch with you through any means of communication including emails, text messages and so on. If you have found an instructor who has the capability of understanding your learning style and also possesses the ability to effective communication, you have definitely found a keeper.


Patience is another quality to look out for in tutors. Patience is an important criterion of both the tutor and the student. Mathematics doesn’t come easy, and it does take time, and every student may take their own time to understand certain math principles. The key thing here is patience and understanding that should be exhibited by both the tutor and the student. If your tutor is patient enough to go willingly through multiple ways to make you understand a certain math concept, s/he is a keeper.


If your tutor is passionate about the same subject that’s being taught by him/her, you’ll know what we are talking about. Passion is an immense positive quality in a tutor that can result in a positive outcome. We will highlight the reasons. If a tutor’s passionate about a subject, there are high chances for him/her to feel the rush of adrenaline while explaining a particular math concept to you. S/He won’t even give up even if you fail to understand the concept at the first attempt and will be willing to pursue the idea further unless you understand the theory completely. So get a tutor who is passionate about those integration and differentiation sums that are pretty troublesome from your point of view and you’ll learn to tackle those problems in no time.

A natural teacher 

A point that should be remembered here is that every brilliant student doesn’t become an excellent teacher. One might have the knowledge of the subject but at the same time might not possess the quality of relaying information to other persons efficiently and make them understand the same. A natural teacher must be a person who possesses both qualities. S/He must possess a solid grasp of the subject matter and at the same time should also have the capability of making the student understand the concepts effectively.


Last but not the least, the tutor should also be pretty curious and by that we mean that s/he should be asking the right questions strictly from a professional point of view. Another point to remember is the fact that your tutor should not do all the work from his/her ends. S/He must involve the student in the assignments as well because you are going to appear in the tests, not the tutor. So we think that a tutor should also ask curriculum based questions to the student. That would improve a student’s problem-solving skills.


Tutors should remember the age old proverb that said: “failure is the pillar of success.” Failure’s bound to come in a student’s way especially when he’s learning a new math topic. A good tutor should be the one who should try to encourage the student amidst that difficulty so that s/he can pursue on and on and reach the goal.

“Why do we fall?

So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Finding the right tutor for fulfilling your educational needs that are related to mathematics is undoubtedly a pretty difficult job from the student’s point of view. The qualities listed above can easily be considered the guidelines of your search. Online math tutorials can also serve to be pretty useful in fulfilling your educational requirements. We wish you the best of luck with your tutor search. With that wish, we’ll conclude this article. Ciao!

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