6 Steps to Successfully Start a Home Tuition

6 Steps to Successfully Start a Home Tuition

In this article, I will share with you the 6 key steps to successfully start a home tuition.

1. Carefully identify your target students

Some tutors might go all out and accept any incoming students. As a result, the tuition class will be packed by students from all range of grades. This will cause the tutor to inevitably lose focus and fail to provide the best tutoring service to his students.

Instead of doing that, you should identify your specific target audience. In Malaysia, there are two major examinations in schools; UPSR for Standard Six students and SPM for Form Five students.

It might be cleverer for you to just target on these two grades since these students might be actively looking for an extra helping hand in their studies.

Another tip is to avoid mixing two different grades of students in one tutoring session. By separating them into different sessions, you ensure your students to receive your best attention.

2. Teach subjects that you’re good in and have passion in

Instead of trying to teach five or six subjects that you chose randomly, it is wiser to identify two or three subjects that you love and good in. The idea is that, you want to make sure your students see your love and passion for the subjects and this might increase their interests in the subjects as well.

It is also easier to teach a subject you’re good in as it will allow you to easily answer any questions from your students. A student who’s confident in you might come back again next year and re-register.

3. Set a competitive price

Some tutors overprice or under price their tutoring service. The former can reduce the number of registered students and the latter will put you into a money-losing business.

The followings are some of the steps you should do while fixing a price:

  • Do research on your competitors – Check out the pricing of the tuition places in your residential area. You can use those prices as a benchmark for the price of your service.
  • Set type of pricing – You can select either to charge by hour or fixed payment per subject. Regardless of the type of pricing that you choose, you have to make sure you’re not losing any money and it is worth your effort.

4. Choose the most suitable tuition time

It is easier to set the tuition schedule based on your time availability but in reality, you should also think about the student’s daily schedules. It is common for schools to organize extra-curricular activities after school hours, especially in the evening. Therefore, setting up a tuition time at around 2pm or 3pm might not be the best strategy.

Here are some of the suggestions for your tuition time:

  • Have it at night between 8pm to 9pm. Try not to set it too late into the night as this might be not be preferable by the parents.
  • Have it during the weekends. Saturday morning or afternoon is usually the selected time for tuition centers, so you might want to follow the same route too.

5. Do active and effective marketing

Depending solely on word of mouth might not able to bring in lots of students. This is because, not many will receive the news and hear about your home tuition. In this technological era we live in, there are many outlets to spread news — for free — especially on the internet.

Here are some of the marketing actions that you can do:

  • Social media sharing – Spread the news online! Post a status in Facebook or Twitter and ask your friends to share or re tweet. The viral it becomes, the higher the possibility of registration.
  • Put advertisement in your local online newspaper or newsletter – In this effort, the parents is your main audience as most of them read newspaper/newsletter on daily basis
  • Create a profile in website that offers tutoring service – Some technology-advanced parents will go straight to Google to search tutors for their children. So, it is advisable for you to go to the websites that offer tutoring services, such as and have an online presence in that space.

6. Setup a comfortable and nice looking class

A good ambiance can affect moods and emotions. In order to keep your students happy and comfortable, you need to make sure your class setting is as pleasant as possible. Select a place in your home that has the following features:

  • Wide space
  • Good lightnings
  • Far from distractions such as televisions, games consoles or gadgets.

You should also provide the best learning facilities such as:

  • Big and comfortable studying tables and chairs.You may use dining tables but make sure they are clean and can fit all your students, without cramping them in together
  • A good size of whiteboard, a number of marker pens and a clean eraser
  • A number of reference books, so students may refer to them during learning session
  • Enough stationery for students to use during learning session.

Tutoring can provide an emotional reward, especially when you see your students improve and excel in their studies. It can also give a monetary reward as it helps to increase the number of cash in your wallet.

With a well-thought and effective strategy, it’s not impossible for your home tuition to flourish into a formal tuition center!


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