6 Study Habits You Must Avoid

6 Study Habits You Must Avoid

As the clock struck nine, Alex opened his Biology book unwillingly. He had his weekly class-test the next morning. Yet, he had no idea about the human nervous system. Wondering why he didn’t start studying earlier in the evening? Well, how could he? He was busy playing with his friends and watching TV, when suddenly one of his friends reminded him about the test. And so, reluctantly, this thirteen-year-old boy returned to his study-desk! This, was his first faulty study habit. Then, he continued studying for the next few hours, after he had completed two of his assignments. This consumed a lot of time and he could barely manage a few hours of sleep that night. Next morning, as he sat for his exam, Alex discovered that his mind was blank. Also, he continued yawning throughout his exam and felt really sick. It was inevitable. For Alex had already committed his second study mistake. He had tried to cram his Biology lessons at the last minute. What, then, is the best method for studying? In other words, what are the study habits you must avoid by all means? Continue reading to identify some of the worst study habits that can completely ruin your academic goals!

  • Studying without planning: Remember how Alex suffered in his Biology exam in the absence of a proper study plan? You might feel preparing a study schedule is not important. After all, you got to study everything for all your exams. But then, organizing your study material and making a routine for your daily study session is crucial to scoring higher marks in exams. You can also write down the dates in history, formulas in Math and definitions for your Science subjects. It would help you learn and memorize lessons much faster.
  • Procrastinating your studies: How many of you take your lessons for granted and put off studies like Alex? I know you’re tempted to keep your books aside and rush to your nearest theatre to catch the latest movie. I’m also aware that you’re addicted to your new ‘online friend’ in Facebook and can’t wait to chat with him. I won’t ask you to stop enjoying life. But make sure it’s not at the cost of your academics. Because, staying up the entire night preparing for exams won’t guarantee you even the pass percentage.
  • Listening to music while studying: When I was a school-kid, I remember some of my friends listening to songs as they solved Math problems. I was always distracted whenever music was played in my proximity as I completed my academic tasks. If you follow the studies of the latest research, you will realize that music and studies actually can never go together. It’s simply because the changing rhythm and notes of a song disrupt your concentration. Moreover, if it’s your favorite song, you’ll get carried away easily and lose focus immediately.
  • Studying in groups: Don’t tell me group studies help you ace exams. Studying in groups can do you more harm than good. Each of you have varying levels of understanding and different study techniques. Some of you might prefer reading your notes aloud, while others might like to read silently. When you are studying with friends, your study patterns are bound to clash with those of each other. Try to study individually, if you are keen to expand your reservoir of knowledge and stand out as a brilliant student in your class.
  • Highlighting the textbook: I have noticed many school learners highlighting various portions of their textbooks. I agree it makes important definitions or words more noticeable than the rest. But, how can you be assured of remembering the highlighted terms permanently if you don’t understand the basics of any concept? Or, don’t revise them from time to time by writing them down in your notebook or reading them repeatedly? After reading chapter, quiz yourself on its contents. It’s much better than coloring your book and yet forgetting the essential points of a lesson.
  • Taking linear notes: Some students take down every word of their teacher’s lecture. They start writing from the moment the teacher starts explaining something and don’t stop till they have managed to squeeze in the last word in their diary. It’s good to follow lectures. But while doing so, most students don’t pay attention to the basic fundamentals of the theory being explained and keep jotting down information blindly. Also, you must be able to relate to each section of your notes, which you have taken down during the lecture. Small tip for you: read your notes at the end of the lecture and clarify any doubts you have, from your teacher.

If you avoid these six academic blunders, I am quite certain you will come out with flying colors in all your exams. You don’t need to study ten hours a day. But, at least, try to adhere to a proper study schedule. And, you will be a successful learner very soon.


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