6 Ways Kids can Improve their Handwriting

6 Ways Kids can Improve their Handwriting

“Ronald, your handwriting is getting worse with every passing day, it’s high time you pay attention to it!”, screamed Ms. Stones. Now, Ronald was a meritorious student in his class. Yet, his scores continued slipping. Wondering why? Well, blame it on his messy handwriting. His ‘r’ resembled ‘n’, while the ‘i’ almost looked like the letter ‘e’. So, none of his teachers could figure out his handwriting.

Handwriting is an art that must be developed from a tender age. I remember, my mother had gifted me a book on cursive writing when I was just promoted to the second standard. She made me practise forming the curved letters regularly, after I was done with my homework. This worked in my favor and soon, my handwriting made a turn for better!

But, Ronald is amongst those innumerable kids whose handwriting seems like Latin and Greek to many. Now, here is the good news for you, dear parents and teachers. Handwriting can definitely be improved, if you possess the will to do so. To know the best six ways kids can refine their handwriting, continue reading:

  • Get a firm grip: First of all, dear kids, learn to grasp your pencil the right way. If you are able to do this, you would discover yourself making progress in your handwriting. To start with, try holding your pencil towards its top. Then, try to write anything. For instance, you can make an attempt to write your name while holding the pencil in this way. Why not try to place your pencil close to the bottom of your thumb, near its base? Your pencil must be between your index finger, middle finger and the thumb.
  • Follow the lines: Kids are generally given lined exercise books to complete their assignments. I would advise kids to treat those lines as their guide, as they write on these exercise books. While you are writing, ensure that your letters don’t spread outwards, away from the lines. Remember, your lowercase alphabet must be exactly half the height of a letter in capital. For instance, the size of your letter ‘c’ in lowercase must not be more than half the height of ‘C’. Similarly, when you write capital letters, remember that you must fill up those lines completely.
  • Take it easy: Some kids rush while writing answers or solving Math sums. But, what’s the hurry children? Some kids even erase a number of times and as a result fail to finish their papers on time. I would suggest you slow down and go about your academic tasks in a more relaxed way. If you are writing with superfast speed, chances are your handwriting would appear crooked and illegible. It happens because you are not paying heed to your letters. Also, don’t erase in such a way that it tears the paper. Be patient.
  • Ease the pressure: When I was a kid, I had a weird tendency to grasp my pencil very hard as I wrote. Therefore, during exams, my handwriting became worse. Also, the fingers of my right hand ached whenever I tried writing fast, with excess pressure on the pencil! So, it’s a bad idea to hold pencils so tightly, particularly if you trying to follow cursive writing. Maintain a firm grip on your pencil, but hold it a bit lightly. It would help you write better and easy, without ripping your paper or breaking your pencil point!
  • Play some games: Yes, I am serious kids. You can also indulge in some interesting games to improve your handwriting today. There are certain games that encourage children to draw diagrams or write something. You can try playing games like ‘Don’t Spill the Beans’ or ‘Jenga’ if you aim to upgrade your handwriting. Games like mazes is a great contributor to better handwriting for kids. Mazes makes kids control their fingers swiftly and even develop a balance between their shoulders and hands. Find out a few more games that can enable children to work on their handwriting.
  • Take additional help: Now, what would be your next step, if the above tips failed to help improve your handwriting? Feel free to approach your teacher or your parents. Confide in them about your problem related to handwriting. I am sure they can come up with some solution to help you overcome this issue. Moreover, I have also noticed some kids taking aid of ‘occupational therapy’ to improve their handwriting skills. Another good way to improve handwriting, is practicing it regularly for at least fifteen minutes. You will find books that help you do the same. Parents can also hire a coach who can guide kids about how to enhance their handwriting.

Please students, never ever compromise on your handwriting. Remember how Ronald lost his marks only due to his poor handwriting? Not only can bad handwriting lead to lower grades, but it is also the cause of embarrassment for several kids. Many schools award extra marks to pupils with good handwriting, to encourage their students to improve their handwriting skills. There are some educational institutes in Australia that have laid down certain handwriting guidelines for students. So, though it might sound easy, improving your handwriting is not a matter of joke! In fact, it is easier said than that. But, of course it does not mean that it is impossible to beautify your handwriting. I hope the techniques I mentioned would help you improve your handwriting.

And, if you have a few more tips, I would be glad to learn them from you. Just share them in the comments section below.


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