6 Ways to Improve Student Motivation

6 Ways to Improve Student Motivation

Following the same old study routine every day can get boring for students. We all know that change is important to bring about a healthy environment for studies. Education needs variations to thrive in a positive way among the students. Getting students excited about learning is important. Now this is essentially a task of the teachers and parents. Having said that, different students respond in different ways to various ideas for imparting education in a creative way.

Motivating students is crucial to help them gain interest in studies. There could be numerous ways to bring about motivation among students. We are going to discuss a few in this article.


Communicating with students is crucial. If you do not communicate, you would not get to know what your students have understood, or whether they have understood anything at all. So talk to them. Ask them questions. Taking an exam is not the only way to assess them. They would form a clear perspective only when you interact with them. Have patience and appreciate your students along the way.

Responsibility and leadership are important values of life. These ensure that a child matures into a good human being. The following ideas can help you instill these values among your students:

  • Provide students with tasks that would develop a sense of responsibility among them. This would help them in studies immensely since they would become more responsible about deadlines, exams, syllabus completion, along with an enhanced character development. Students would take it as an honor and work hard towards meeting expectations.
  • Teamwork helps in studies a lot since it is beneficial in solving many problems. But what about leadership? When your students learn to lead, they tend to improve more. Try to explore that in the classroom.
  • You could also allow your students to have a say in the classroom regarding study methods, what chapters to cover next, ideas for projects etc. This gives them a sense of control which proves as a great motivator.

These are creative and interactive ways to motivate students and provide beneficial aspects regarding education.

Stimulate Positive Competition

Classroom competition is a good way to encourage and motivate students. But, definitely, the competition has to be healthy. The classroom is a platform for students to build, learn and present knowledge. Encouraging healthy competition will motivate them to learn. It would also inspire them to be the best in the class. You could split your students into groups and ask them to undertake different kinds of tasks and evaluate their competency levels. You could also assign group names or ask them to choose their own. This would not only meet their learning requirements but would also induce a fun learning experience.


Just the way you point out your students' mistakes to help them learn from those, you should also appreciate their hard work. Students learn from their mistakes. So they require feedback to their work. And when they rectify their mistakes and remember not to repeat them again, they require further motivation to keep it up. This is where your encouragement comes in. You could engage your students further in their learning activity and help them continue their work by rewarding them. This reward could be an open acknowledgment in the classroom. This would also motivate the other students to do equally good work to earn appreciation like their friend.

Encourage Creative Learning

Make education fun. Include creativity. You could try these:

  • Use picture elucidations and relate them to what you are teaching in the classroom.
  • Include your students in the activities.
  • Project-based learning is a great way to engage student’s attention and motivate them further.

There could be many more innovative ideas that you can include in your classroom. So get your thinking caps on and make learning enjoyable so that education does not become a chore for them.

Track Progress

You could keep a record of the progress of your students so that you can provide them with the necessary feedback as to how much they have improved or how much they need to improve. Students get motivated when they see they have come a long way from their mistakes and have improved quite a lot in their studies. When they see the results, they would want to improve more.

Motivating students to study efficiently is a hard task for teachers, but necessary as well to escalate your class's output. You could follow the above ideas to achieve the same and watch your students get inspired to study every day.


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