7 Additional Android Apps to Know About the Concepts of Physics

Feb 10, 2020

We have already mentioned a total of 13 Physics apps for students 7 Free Android Physics Apps for Students on this platform and six more key Physics Apps for Students on this platform. In this article, we are going to add to that list again with a few more Physics apps tailor-made for high-school students.

  • Physics X

This app’s the most effective tool for AP and introductory level college physics. This one integrates free response questions, quizzes, formula sheets, concise videos, references, and scratch pad to make the lessons efficient, easy and more importantly mobile. You’ll be able to access your content anywhere and at any time as per your convenience. Physics X is available on iTunes at a reasonable price.

  • iLearnPhysics

iLearnPhysics app helps you to comprehend Physics concepts easily with key concept tutorials, formulae calculator as well as quizzes. This app presents users with a detailed list of formulae for important Physics topics like mechanics, Newton’s laws of motion, forces, forces in 2 dimensions, projectile motion and free fall, momentum, circular motion, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, etc. The app’s available on iTunes for download. It’s free to download, but it also comes with in-app purchases. Users will be able to access four tutorials in the free version and in the paid version; users will be able to access 11 tutorials.

  • Electrons

This app’s a type of simulator made for iPads/iPhones. This one allows users to create dozens of positively/negatively charged particles. These particles either roam freely in space or are contained within conducting bodies. This app includes ten experiments which can give users a further insight into the world of electricity. “Electrons” is available on the iTunes at a reasonable price.

  • Mobile Observatory- Astronomy

Astrophysics and astronomy are two intricate branches of physics. Any student who’s enthusiastic enough about the subjects would love this app. This one’s an Android physics app featuring a fully zoomable night sky map that’s complete with detailed information about planets, stars, nebulas etc. This app’s available on Google Play at a reasonable price.

  • Formulary: Physics

This app provides users with an interactive collection of formulae. The best thing is that these are also available offline and hence, the app’s completely functional even without an internet. Some important topics that it covers are:




Formulary:Physics is available for free on the iTunes.

  • Physics

The name of this app might seem pretty simple to you but don’t let the name fool you. This one covers all major areas of physics including the likes of:

Mechanics, electricity and magnetism, energy, wave phenomena, internal energy, motion in a plane, modern physics, optics, nuclear energy, electromagnetism, etc.

Users will be able to know about various formulae based on the above fields in greater detail, and they’ll be even able to share these formulae via email, text message, social platforms (Twiter/Facebook).

The app has a simple interface which makes it possible for users to find a specific formula in a matter of seconds. Users will also be able their personalized notes in equations. Therefore, it can be said that this app can be used as a form of a study guide when time’s of the essence. This app’s available on iTunes at a nominal price.

  • Physics Handbook

This one’s a pretty unique app that covers nearly about all general topics of Physics. One can bookmark any topic of their choice while browsing through things that they’re specifically looking for. The major topics covered in this app are:

  • General physics,
  • Thermal physics,
  • Electricity and magnetism,
  • Properties of wave,
  • Atomic physics etc.

Physics Handbook is available on iTunes at a reasonable price.

We’ll bring this article to a close now. Hope you had a good read.  Ciao!

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