7 Essential Life Skills for High-School Students

7 Essential Life Skills for High-School Students

How often do you end up squandering your pocket-money over the latest gadgets? And, as a result been denied of pocket money by your parents? Or, miss a crucial part of the teacher’s lectures just because you were unable to take notes? I know you do. It’s normal for most high school students to stumble against such embarrassing circumstances. So, just chill, and listen to me.

You can easily navigate the various challenges of daily life, if you inculcate certain important life skills. Knowledge of such skills would help you gear up for college, which beckons you now! For, once you cross the boundary of high school, you are expected to behave in a more mature and responsible manner. Much better and smarter than what you were at school. Do you get the drift now?

Trust me friends, there is great importance of life skills, particularly for youngsters. So, let me share the seven essential life skills high school kids must be aware of:

  • Managing time: Time management is one the most crucial life skills students just can’t afford to neglect. For, you all know ‘time and tide wait for no man’. High school children must create a time schedule and start adhering to that. For instance, they must note down the submission dates and time of their assignments or projects, significant events and their daily study routine. This would ensure that they complete their work on time and even learn their lessons better.
  • Managing money: Don’t let your teenaged kids take your debit card for granted! Start teaching them the value of money. You can ask your child to jot down his daily expenses in a journal. This way, he can keep track of how much he spends and on what items. Some parents even encourage their kids to save enough pocket-money, for buying a new pair of jeans or their coveted smartphone. The habit of saving would help them be independent and manage money effectively.
  • Developing study habits: I know the idea of ‘bunking’ classes sounds ‘trendy’ for college freshers. But, it’s a pretty stupid idea. If you aim to score decent grades in college, I would suggest you develop good study habits. For example, attend classes regularly, and ask questions to the lecturer of you fail to follow the lessons. Then, review your notes daily rather than spending sleepless nights before exams, trying to inject every piece of information into your brains. Also, collect reference material while preparing your own notes.
  • Taking notes: I see many kids struggling as they attempt to take notes, when the professor is explaining something in the class. Then, they miss out on important points and perform poorly in exams. If you’re a visual student, take notes using multi-colored sketch pens, following a chart format. You can also re-write your notes, if doing do improves your memory. Taking down everything might be tough, but you must at least be able to note the important points.
  • Growing social skills: You will find some high school students, who are just not able to communicate well – be it with professors or within their peer groups. Moreover, modern youngsters are more interested in online interaction through social media, rather than direct, face-to-face communication. But, one can’t avoid interactions in the college, and later on, in the workspace. So, you should learn the perfect body language and social skills required while giving presentations, taking part in group projects and so on.
  • Staying fit: Parents and teachers must ensure a collective effort in helping teens imbibe healthy habits. Physical fitness is a must, especially when you’re at the threshold of your life. So, dear high school pupils, it’s time to take care of your personal hygiene, eating and sleeping schedules. Remember to invest your time in regular exercise, even if it is for twenty minutes a day. For, obesity kills! And, say no to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • Being motivated: Last but not the least, you have to keep motivating yourself to reach the stars! You must be eager to learn, patient with yourself as you make mistakes and immensely dedicated in your endeavors. And, this goes for your academic as well as the extra-curricular events of your college. Just tell yourself, ‘I must keep working hard, come what may.’ Self-motivation will help you stick through the most boring lectures and the toughest lessons in a wonderful way.

The transition phase – from adolescents to young adults is truly very crucial for their academic, psychological, physical and social development. I have come across several high school youngsters who lose their focus in the middle of their journey. And, consequently, fall prey to all evils. So, you know what to do, don’t you?

My advice to all teens is: prioritize your activities, and don’t forget to master the essential life skills I have mentioned above. ‘College life’ is meant to be enjoyed, no doubt. But, just make sure you are not compromising on anything important, as you are enjoying this life.

All the very best, dear high schoolers!


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