7 Good Reasons To Learn Korean In 2021

May 26, 2021

Every language is beautiful and special in its own way. That’s why many people love learning a new language as much as they can because it allows them to see and discover something new about the world. But, selecting which language you should learn is a different matter. In terms of choosing a foreign language to study, most people go for French, Spanish, or German as these are some of the most popular language courses offered in schools.  

The thought of learning an Asian language comes second, in which Japanese and Chinese language are offered first, and the Korean language is at a distant third. Nevertheless, the thing is that there are actually many good reasons why you should pursue learning the Korean language. This language may look and sound too difficult at first with its stick figures of alphabet, but, in reality, you can reap many benefits from deciding to learn this language.

Once you’ve decided that the Korean language is right for you, you can look for a Korean language tutor to help you out or sign up for an online course on the Korean language on sites like Hana Korean. So, why should you pursue mastering the Korean language this year?  Here are seven good reasons why.

A Functional Language

Did you know that the Korean language ranks as the 18th most used language in the world?  That means you can use the language much more often when you travel around the world for leisure or business purposes.  

Korea has a large economy, and, so, many people tend to do business in that country. As a sign of respect for your business partners or clients, you need to learn their language. Plus, Korea also offers plenty of beautiful tourist attractions, making it a great vacation spot. So, to make it easier for you to navigate their hidden sites and communicate with the locals about the directions, it’s best to have a good knowledge of the Korean language.

The Korean Alphabet Is Logical And Very Simple

Understandably, the Korean alphabet may look too complex at first glance because its figures are too different from the English alphabet. However, Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is actually very easy. It’s even considered the most logical writing system in the world. This was created by King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty.

If the English alphabet has 26 letters, Hangul only has 24, and all are spelled phonetically. What’s more, the Korean letters are all written in the same way your tongue and mouth actually look when pronouncing and producing their sound. To help you get better at writing in Hangul, it would be ideal to familiarize yourself with its pronunciations first. If you’re looking for the easiest second language to learn, the Korean language should be ahead on your list.

An Easy Language To Speak

Since the Korean letters are created based on their sound of pronunciation, it only means you can also easily read and speak the Korean words. It’s like you’re simply pronouncing anything that’s written down. Unlike Hebrew or Arabic, the Korean language has no guttural sounds, and it’s definitely not a tonal language, making Korean a lot easier to speak and read.

No Verb Conjugations

Everyone knows how the English language has so many rules when it comes to grammar. For instance, you need to consider the form of your verb and see if your subject is plural or singular. Aside from English, several languages around the world also use verb conjugations, making the learning process even tougher. Sometimes, even the complexities of the grammar rules from other languages are enough to make other learners quit and stop learning the language.

Meanwhile, in the Korean language, there’s no need for all that!  Regardless if your verb is in singular or plural form, the word is still in its same form. No verb conjugation charts will slow down your learning process, making the Korean language an easy language to learn.

Better Understand The Korean Culture

In recent years, Korea is becoming more known and recognized worldwide. Their culture and traditions are starting to influence the other parts of the world. Some of the influential trends they bring include their songs, movies, TV shows, group bands, and dancers, among many others. Either one or more of these has probably piqued your interest in Korean culture. If you want to better understand their culture, tradition, or their movies (if you’re into them), the best way you can do that is by learning their language.

While most of their music and movie contents feature English subtitles or online translations, you can only understand deeper the meaning and stories of their production if you know their language by heart. With practice and enough effort, you can soon find yourself effortlessly singing along to their songs or getting emotionally immersed with their TV shows even without reading the subtitles.

Once you understand their culture better, the more fascinated you will be by Korea’s rich history.  

Better Career Prospects

When applying for a job, it’s a big plus for an employer if you’re a bilingual applicant or someone who can speak a language other than English.

But, why Korean?

As mentioned earlier, Korea is one of the largest economies in the world, which means they have business relations all around the world. If the company you’re working for decides to collaborate with Korean investors, and your employer would need someone as their spokesperson, your ability to speak the Korean language will surely bring you front and center.

Aside from the business side, you can also use your Korean-speaking skills as your side hustle. Korean tourists around the world are increasing every day. You can use your skills to be a freelance tour guide and a translator for them.

Build Friendships With Koreans

Koreans are one of the best people you shouldn’t miss meeting and being friends with in your life. They’re some of the friendliest and most cheerful people, and they’re very welcoming, especially if you visit their country. Learning their language is a huge deal for them as it means you’re paying them a great sign of respect, and you’ve shown a considerable effort to get to know their language and culture.

As they get to meet you, they’ll then help you learn the language and be proficient at it. They’ll never judge you for your speaking or reading mistakes because they’re all part of the learning process. Instead, they’ll let you practice the language with them with ease. Most of all, they’ll be the first ones who’ll appreciate every small progress you make. This is already a great reason why it’s worth it to learn the Korean language.

Start Learning Korean Today

Overall, Korean is a beautiful language to understand and learn by heart. Not only because it’s easy or it’s handy for travel or business purposes, but the Korean culture is also worth the time and effort to know about. Now that you have enough reasons, it’s time to start learning the Korean language today.


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