8 Apps for Homeschooling

8 Apps for Homeschooling

Claire and her husband Michael, homeschool their four children Joseph, 12, Ryan, 9, Isabella, 6 and Alice, 3. Joseph went to school for 6 months when he was four, but didn't quite like it. This is when Claire and Michael decided on homeschooling.But one day Claire got fixated on History as she tried to draw up timeline charts for Joseph. History somehow, managed to exasperate her. All she needed was a miracle and technology came to her rescue. The world of amazing apps opened up a range of possibilities for her. Nowadays you get apps for everything, from craft ideas ti dinner recipes. Homeschoooling hasn't been left behind. This article lists a few.

Homeschool Helper

This is one of the best apps for homeschooling. You can use this app to plan lessons, calculate grades, track student progress, plan field trips, manage book lists and keep track of a number of tasks. In addition to that, this app allows you to create lessons for any subject, track daily attendance, track time spent on each lesson and much more. It packs quite a punch in just $4.99.


This app is helpful for children who find it difficult to remember the historical events. This is quite a simple app to use. Children can select pictures from the internet or add their own work of art for a certain historical event or personality to illustrate each event. This app has timelines covering history from the beginning of time to the present, ancient times, and the Middle Ages. You would also find biographies in there.

K12 Timed Reading Practice

This app helps students practice fluency and comprehension by reading short, timed stories. It comes with tools to track multiple readers' reading level and fluency as well. Students can also view recommendations for moving up or down in reading difficulty based on recorded Words per Minute scores.


This is one of the best organization apps for students. This app makes it simple to collect and save files, images, notes and more and sync those with all your devices. Parents can also employ this app for creating lesson plans, notes, to-do lists etc. Evernote can be used for record-keeping, keeping track of classes and accomplishments and so much more. Check out how to use Evernote for homeschooling here.


This app is a must for every homeschooler. iBooks allows you to download and read your favourite books at one go. This app enables you to experience gorgeous fullscreen multi-touch books filled with interactive features, diagrams, photos, videos, and more. Apart from that, you can highlight your favourite passages, add notes, share quotes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or mail, adjust your screen brightness, scroll through books easily and more.

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It is a great way to practice arithmetic and logic. This is an exciting, fun and addictive logic and math puzzle. This app comes with 31 fun math puzzles of every size and difficulty level, a variety of colour schemes music, online leader boards and more. You can share your results with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. You can also purchase Math puzzles from the KenKen store. Watch your Math skills soar with this amazing app.


This is a very interactive and engaging app for students to learn Geometry. Students are required to stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more. You can choose from a range of 5 different band colours (8, for iPad) to create shapes. In addition to colours, you get to choose between two board sizes. This app has provision for clearing the board of all bands, filling, unfilling, and deleting shapes. The Geoboard app is versatile and supports countless Math problems. It is also quite fun to use.

Spelling Test

The Spelling Test app allows you to create at least 3 spelling tests and keep track of your scores. This app can also be used to practice phonics, vocabulary words, and foreign languages. Parents can type in the words they want to use in the spelling test and then voice record the word. Now the app will provide a word-by-word test using the recorded voice as the teacher. Students will be immediately told if the spelling does not match the word that has been typed into the test list.Which apps do you prefer using for your homeschooling session? Share those with us in the comments section below.


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