8 More Chemistry Apps For Teachers and Students

Apr 02, 2020

We have previously discussed about 5 iOS Chemistry apps on the site. In this article, we are going to add to the list. Let’s begin without further ado.

1. Periodic Table

Like the name suggests, this app’s based on the periodic table. There are many similar apps available on the internet but this one’s a little unique. This periodic table app is based on the “Royal Society of Chemistry’s” interactive website. The app also comes with many significant features for e.g. it features a slider that depicts the way an element changes with the increase in temperature. Students can also see different trends in atomic radius and electronegativity on the periodic table. The app’s available on Android and iOS.

2. Elemental

Elemental is a unique app through which one can draw different chemical structures and reactions. This app does not have many features and it actually have a simple interface but it’s enough to serve the purpose. Users will be able to save as well as email the structures drawn on the app. The app’s available for free on iOS.

3. Atoms in Motion (student edition)

This one’s a kind of simulator. Users will be able to control atoms in this simulation app. They’ll also be able to control the temperature, alter the volume of the container, add more atoms to visualize the effect on pressure and do many more. This one’s available in 2 versions on iOS (Student version, paid version).

4. 3D molecules edit & test

 In this app, students will be able to draw chemical structures and view them in the form of 3D models. They’ll also be able to visualize atomic orbitals and see all the related electronic effects. The app also supports a test mode which is useful for self-assessment. 3D Molecules Edit & Test is available on iOS.

5. ChemSpider

With this app, students are able to browse a lot of information and access resources related to chemical compounds.

Users will be able to draw any chemical structure on this platform and the app will be able to display all sorts of information related to the same compound to the user within the blink of an eye. Users  can also search by chemical names as well. ChemSpider is available on Android and iOS.

6. Chairs

This app is basically a game that’s based on organic chemistry. Through this app, you aren’t required to memorize chemical terms and formulae. Users will be able to think visually and can also learn through spatial reasoning. That’s the key to master organic chemistry. The app’s available on iOS and Android.

7. Chemist- Virtual Chem Lab

Like the name suggests, this app is basically the simulation of a chemistry lab. You’ll have the lab in the palms of your hands. You’ll be given an equation. You’ll have to select from a variety of solutions, solids, liquids, gases etc. to recreate the chemical equation on the app. This app’s available on Android and iOS.8.

8. And…Socrative

Through this app, users can assess, engage and personalize their classes. Users will be able to initiate developmental assessments through quick question polls, quizzes etc. The app is available on Android and iOS.

So if you are enthusiastic enough in the subject, you can definitely check these apps out. Most of these apps are free of cost. But if they aren’t, the price surely won’t burn a large hole in your pocket. We’ll sign off for now then. Hope you had a good read!

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