8 Tech Skills That Are Most in Demand

8 Tech Skills That Are Most in Demand

Are you looking for a tech job? Getting a tech job is not easy these days as there are a lot of contenders to every vacancy that a company has. Just having a good educational qualification is not enough. There are certain skills that you need to develop in order to secure your place in a company of good reputation. With proper skill development you will also get promotion, which is best for your career growth. You must be eager to know the skills and talents that you need to develop for getting higher chances. Here is a list of 8 tech skills that can bring you better job opportunities:

Python: It is a high level programming language that is highly in demand now. Most of the tech companies are looking for techies with a sound knowledge of this useful programming language. For back end web application development, python is extensively used these days.

Java: It is also a high level programming language that was developed with less implementation dependencies. It is one of the most commonly used languages in back-end and e-commerce business apps. The language can be used in multiple platforms and there are many companies that are looking for candidates with knowledge of Java.

Linux: It is a free and open source OS application that is mainly used by engineers and programmers. It is commonly used in the IT companies. However, there is still a dearth for employees who are well conversant with the Linux application. Linux is at the backend of most websites that come under top 100. Linux programmers are highly in demand. So, get ready to get hired.

Cloud computing: The cloud servers are extensively in use. And, most of the companies are using the cloud services for storing, sharing, and analyzing data and information. That is the reason there is a need for techies who can handle cloud services. They will be responsible for overseeing that the applications get deployed easily and be able to scale elastically.

JavaScript: It is a dynamic, un-typed, high-level language that is used for interactivity on the web. You must learn JavaScript to be able to claim yourself a suitable candidate for the vacancies in reputable IT companies.

Matlab: It is an old mathematics manipulation language. However, the recent years have seen a resurgence of this language, especially in engineering and science fields. If you had learnt Matlab long back, its time you revise your skills once again to get good jobs.

SQL: It is a domain specific programming language. It is for storing data and retrieving those later in an app. The full form of this language is Structured Query Language. It is the part of the RDBS on which most applications are built on. You must learn SQL skills and technique well to be able to get good recognition in the field of technology.

Database administration: It is a skill that is growing in demand each passing day. You must know that there is a huge demand for people with database administration skills in the IT companies. If you have skills in data modeling and designing databases, you are sure to get a lucrative job offer.

User interface design: As there is a huge amount of development in apps, programs, and websites, it has given rise to the demand for user interface designers. The role of a user interface designer is completely different from that of a general graphic designer. A UI designer needs to understand the ways in which a user looks into an application. He/she needs to look into every aspect of usability of the application. Skills of UI development should be along with a sound knowledge of CSS and front end web development. It is important for the designer to know graphic designing and should be good in communication.

Skills in cybersecurity: Internet security is something that the tech world is mostly talking about. That is the reason if you have cybersecurity skills, you are sure to get a good job in the tech world.

These are just a few of the skills that are in high demand in recent time. You can develop more than one skill or can also have some other skills that are not mentioned here. Whatever it is, you need to grow and learn new things to be able to get better opportunities each day.


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