8 Tips to be a Successful Teacher

8 Tips to be a Successful Teacher

There was pin-drop silence in the class. It was the Math class. Mrs. Gray, the Math teacher had assigned some Trigonometry sums to her students, after explaining them some concepts on the blackboard. Not a single student was inattentive as they solved the sums. Nor did anybody try to chat with her friend or crack jokes in Mrs. Gray’s classroom. Even the school principal once remarked about how quite the class became during the Math class.

Astonished to learn about such an unusual scenario inside a classroom? I bet you are, at least some of you. A classroom is supposed to be noisy, you might feel. Even in the presence of a teacher inside it. How come the pupils of Mrs. Gray’s class behave like matured young adults seated in rapt attention? Did she know magic?

Well, it is a kind of magic, the only difference being that you need not be a professional ‘magician’ to do it! To be a successful teacher, you must possess certain unique qualities that make you different from other instructors. Because, teaching is a noble profession, and you must give your best in imparting education to your learners. Here are the eight tips modern teachers can follow, if they aspire to achieve success in their teaching career:

  • Sense of Humor: Don’t be a teacher who earns more fear than respect and love from your students. Rather, try to instill an element of humor and wit in your classrooms, especially if you’re teaching tough subjects like Chemistry or Math. Try to make your lessons more interesting, and make your pupils laugh. It makes students more comfortable and helps ease tension as they try to understand complex topics. Even you would start enjoying what you teach, if you crack jokes times, to diffuse the monotony.
  • Consistency: Success comes in stages, not overnight. Therefore, make sure you are consistent in your efforts to teach students. Don’t modify your rules constantly and ensure stability in your mode of instruction. Otherwise, students tend to get confused. To encourage faster learning, you can also introduce social media into the classroom for a change. If you do this and maintain consistency, your students would be able to trust you more. As a result, they will perform well in exams and excel in their academics.
  • Optimistic attitude: Do you know why spiritual gurus always stress on the significance of developing a positive attitude towards life? It’s because if you’re positive, you radiate positive energy that motivates others around you. This would greatly benefit your students. So, your approach must always be positive, even for students who are comparatively poorer than others in a particular subject. Be patient with each of your students and focus on explaining the complicated portions multiple times. Believe in the abilities of all your students.
  • Interaction with parents: Are you keeping parents in the loop? You must remember that communicating with the parents of your students is essential. It keeps parents updated about their child’s progress. Also, they learn about their child’s weaknesses in certain subjects or topics. Parents play a great role in making kids interested in studies and so you must always try to involve parents in the classroom. For instance, whenever you take a class test, ask your students to get their marked answer sheets signed by their parents.
  • Great expectations: Successful teachers have great expectations from their students. When I was in the seventh standard, I remember my English teacher in school telling me, “I expect you to score 85% in your exams.” She offered extra classes to students who were weak in Grammar, to help them score higher grades and learn better. The higher your expectations are, the greater performance shall you receive from pupils. However, your expectations must be realistic. You cannot expect anyone to memorize a History chapter in two days!
  • Flexibility: A certain level of flexibility is required in a classroom, if you want your students to perform well in exams. You need to accept that sometimes students require a break, maybe a small gap for at least ten minutes before you resume your next topic. Just as students adapt to teachers, teachers too must make attempts to customize lessons in a way that meets the requirements of all kinds of learners. It also reduces your stress and helps you relax as you teach.
  • Mastery over your subject: You can be a competent as well as a confident teacher only if you know your subject exceedingly well. You must be well-equipped with the necessary academic qualifications and experience. And only then, you are ready to take on any queries of your student. Not only must you be an expert in the subject you teach, but you must also ‘know’ how to teach in the true sense of the term. If you are a knowledgeable teacher, you can get students to listen to you.
  • Appreciating students: Learning is not easy for most students. Most pupils might stumble in Math, while others might be scared of History or Physics. A little bit of genuine encouragement is enough to make a student believe in himself and his capabilities. But make sure you appreciate your student only when you’re certain that you mean it. I mean, don’t praise your student if he is yet to display signs of improvement. And once he starts to improve, pat him on the back. Give him a bar of chocolate if he scores well in a test.


Hope these tips inspire you to emerge as a successful teacher! As teachers, it’s your responsibility to make learning fun for learners. Only then would they be interested in their studies and embrace academics. If you are familiar with more of them, why don’t you share them with us in the comments section? We would love to learn from you friends.


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