9 Effective Assessment Strategies for the Teachers to Assess Their Students

9 Effective Assessment Strategies for the Teachers to Assess Their Students

Teachers are entitled to make studies easier to understand for the students. Practically teaching and making the students understand sometimes becomes difficult when a lot of materials are to be covered. Also, if there is a shortage of the time. The students need to understand their lessons before they appear for the exams. The results indicate how well they have studied in the subjects. The examination reports are often taken as the way to judge the performance of the students. When the tutors have to deal with so many students, it is obvious that they do not get much time for the weaknesses to be solved. There are several ways by which the teachers can make the assessment strategies effective.

Open Minded Questions That Enable Students to Write And Talk

Try to avoid giving them yes/no questions. A better understanding of the subjects lets the students have a grasp of the things. The open-ended questions help the students to utilize their ideas. When you ask them such questions they will reveal more than that you have asked them to do. And the teachers can analyze the thoughts of the students.

The Students Should Be Able To Reflect

When you complete teaching in the classroom let the students reflect that for the last five minutes. Allow them to write down in their copies what they have learned. This will help them to understand the practical skills and express it in their own words or summarize it. When you as a teacher go through what they have written down, you will understand which areas you should focus on. You can also have quiz sessions; this will help to check their ability of comprehension.

Hand Signals

This can be used to make the students understand through the indications. This requires showing the five fingers to signal the maximum understanding. One finger denotes minimum understanding. This strategy requires engagement and understanding within the whole group.

Response Cards

Whiteboards, signs, index cards, magnetic boards, etc. can be used to indicate the response that the teacher has asked for. Using the response devices helps the teachers to understand the response of the students even while they are teaching a big group. This helps to understand the responses of individual students even while the teachers are unable to teach the whole group.

Formative Assessment

It is necessary that the teachers ask for a formative assessment from the teachers. Short question answering will help the students to understand their areas of mistakes and direct their focus to the main areas of study. The teachers can also allow the students to do self-correction so that they can rectify themselves. The assessments help in making the understanding and monitoring the progress of the students. Often what the parents fail to understand is that grading is not at all important.

Variations Should Be Included

The teachers should try to infuse various elements so that they can attract the interest of the students. If you are repeating the same techniques then the students are going to get bored with this thing. Repetition of the same technique is advised to be prevented by experts.

Make It Informative

When you are teaching try to make the things informative. This will help the students to use that in the future or when they need. You can also instruct the students to learn in a particular way. You can ask them to make other students understand. If the student is able to do that then it is sure that he or she has understood the lesson clearly.

Check for Errors

There are certain common misconceptions that the students go through. These are often predictable also. You can also ask your students why they disagree to a subject and what else they need to do. You also need to check the understanding of the students at least for a period of three times.

Enforce Choral Reading

If you are letting your students read a particular part of the lesson in unison then they are going to mark that part and understand that part in details. This strategy also helps the students to enrich their fluency in the studies pronunciation.

If the teachers are using these strategies then they would be able to fulfill the learning requirement for the students. Also, these strategies are better in enhancing the quality of education of the students.


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