9 New Techniques Most Teachers Adopt in Singapore

9 New Techniques Most Teachers Adopt in Singapore

Rapid advancements of science and technology influence teaching techniques in modern education. A good teacher also needs to become acquainted with iconic teaching practices, such as students’ assessment, cognitive coaching, and so on. In the last few years, there are few teaching areas that show massive changes than others. Online education, e-learning and other new techniques are the common teaching practices implemented in different other areas of the world. Here are a few trends available that every teacher in Singapore witnesses at times of teaching the students.

Adopt personalized techniques

Gone are the days when students were evaluated on the basis of their performance in examinations or projects. Now the teachers focus on assessing students individually. They depend on individual details such as student’s performance in class, his or her attentiveness and try to figure out the strength or weakness of each and every student enrolled in a single batch.

Adopt Effective Class Management

Earlier the teachers minimize the interaction of students inside the class to promote compliance with rules and regulations of the particular institution. But the scenario has changed currently. The tutors encourage maximum interaction between the students. In fact proper coordination between teacher and the learners has improved especially due to invention of internet technology. Virtual classroom enables communication between teacher and students across the world without any geographical barriers.

Learn the teaching methodology

The old school of thought is to deliver the class notes and teaching lessons for all types of students. The focus of today’s time is to honor each and every student’s learning requirements and act accordingly. It is vital that the modern teachers should be more committed to work and also to education of their students. They should always become aware of new techniques and become truly engaged in profession.

Go for smart lesson planning

In conventional classroom the teachers plan in advance to manage classwork and also create an effective system for home assignments. However personalizing workflow depending on changing circumstances and interests of the students is the call of the time. Modern teachers make use of e-learning, collaborative classroom and so on. To enhance intelligence and improve their learning faculty, many new age courses such as robotics have been introduced. Many tutors also encourage their students to get enrolled to these classes and become better performer.

Adopt Story Telling technique

An effective technique adopted by modern teachers to teach as well as transfer ideas or concepts is story telling. Teaching the lesson by including story telling methodology is an excellent skill to be implemented for teaching students at any point of time. By utilizing this trick you can make your students engaged and increase collaboration as well as participation.

Know about Spaced Learning

Modern tutors have effectively reported excellent results in terms of spaced learning. It is the best learning technique where condensed content is being repeated three times, along with two ten minutes breaks where physical activities are being performed by students.

Spaced learning means encouraging the students to switch through these activities quickly. For instance, offering few minutes of lecture on human nervous system and then giving them break of fifteen minutes is ideal. This technique is the smart way to increase grades of the students.

Remain open to all types of questions

Having discussions as well as collaborating in the class become essential to encourage the students as well as implement new teaching methodologies. The teachers should be open to answer all the queries of the students. They should also listen to the students as well as reply them honestly. It may happen that as a teacher you are unable to answer a particular question or you just do not have enough time in your hand. Do not ruffle the questions. Just tell your students politely that you will definitely get back to your students with appropriate answer later.

Arrange Business Tours for your Students

In addition of traditional teaching classes, you may also take your student to local businesses and help them to witness how knowledge they were learning actually applied to real life scenario. If the students are able to become engaged with real world their brain cells will be able to connect as well as associate them easily.

Implement ‘Flexible Fridays’ technique

The traditional lesson blocks do not work good since each student is unique and each one of them have their own problematic topics or subjects to handle. This idea of Flexible Fridays involves in-depth session of subject is acquired just by devoting the entire day for English or other subjects. On these special Fridays, you can help each candidate to study the most problematic subject. This technique seems to be quite convenient for the students since they can now concentrate on one single subject for the whole day in school.

Know about these new techniques implemented by many teachers In Singapore and improve your teaching like never before.

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