9 signs that you are a Bibliophile

9 signs that you are a Bibliophile

When my sister was traveling back to India from the United States after a period of 2 years, she did a crazy thing. She decided to travel light and gave away about 80% of her belongings. All she packed were 37 books and bare essentials. She told my mom, “I can live without my heels, but the books are a different story”.

Needless to say, she is a bibliophile. If you are one of those people who love how books smell, how they look and how they feel in your hands, then you are a hardcore bibliophile. Bibliophiles don't just like books, they love every aspect of it. Read on to find out if you are blessed with bibliophilia.

You have a soft spot for bookstores

I am one of those readers who absolutely do not support electronic devices for reading books. Bookstore hunting forms one of my hobbies and I will not part with it for anything. You are a bibliophile if being surrounded by shelves and shelves of books gives you a warm feeling of calmness and home. How can a cold screen of the iPad compete with that, right?

Used books bring out the happy kid in you

Used books give you more than one story, one being the actual story in the book and the others are the stories of the people who read it before you. Used books give a tiny glimpse into the people's lives. The tattered, moth-eaten pages give off a whiff of the past and you sit overwhelmed with the stories buzzing in your head. There's nothing like an old book being handed down from generation to generation.

You don't mind spending hours reading

Holing up with your favorite paperback and getting lost in the world of stories for hours and hours come second nature to you. You just forget everything else and get immersed in the incredible novel because you just can't get enough of it and lose all track of time.

Your ultimate wish is to have a library at your house

A library a la Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” is all you want in life and a box of red velvet cupcakes to go along with your reading spree. (Well you can scratch the cupcakes, since that's just my craving.) And a movable ladder to wheel along the shelves.

You cringe at movie adaptations

Your friends are tired of hearing “The book was better” every time you come out of the movie hall. I always try to keep an open mind while going to watch a movie adaptation of a certain book I have read, just to give it the benefit of the doubt. But trust me, nothing is more frustrating than watching a book getting ripped apart for the sake of a loose translation.

You do not think twice before spending truckloads of money for a rare book

You would obviously need to have a crazy amount of money to find this one out. But seriously, you wouldn't think twice about shelling out all the money if you suddenly won a lottery. I think anyone who can spend $11.5 million on a copy of John James Audubon's “Birds of America” is a pretty committed bibliophile.

You would love to travel far to look at homes of people who wrote the books

You are a bibliophile if you would give anything to travel to the homes of the amazing people who wrote the books you love. Since great writers are generally bibliophiles themselves, visiting their homes will help you connect to them on a different level.

You spend too much time thinking of book organization

You have a particular way of organizing your books that only you can understand. Some of us arrange it alphabetically, some by color, some by genre etc. Every time you take those books out to admire them, you find new ways to organize them. And each time, you are filled with a certain pride when you turn over the pages to get another look at them.

You judge people by their taste in books

I am not saying judging someone is good, but it just so happens that when you are invited to someone's place, you end up going through the book collection they have showcased and forming a list of characteristics that you think matches the person. Frankly, I don't care much about what people read, but someone who doesn't read books is a caveman and cannot be trusted.


If you have been nodding your head to at least 5 of the above signs, then rest assured, you are hooked. Happy reading folks!


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