3 Amazing Science Tricks That Can Make You Feel Like A Magician

Mar 12, 2020

Do you remember that popular proverb? “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

Well, that proverb is truly bang on point; there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Science is capable of pulling your jaws down when it’s done in the right way. Want to see some magic? It’s all around you. And almost each and every one of them has a scientific explanation.

The ones that don’t are also a direct result of science. In such cases, we have just failed to develop a logically sound working principle. But there’s nothing to worry. We strongly believe that we would soon come up with a logical explanation behind such unknown phenomenon in the not-so-distant future.

So if you want to earn a few bragging rights among your mates with a cool magic trick, science can really be that trick up your sleeve. In this article, we have compiled a few amazing and cool science tricks that are capable of making you look like a little Houdini. Let’s begin.

Move objects to do your bidding

Telekinesis? No way! That’s a mythical power limited to the realms of the movies, the fictions, and the folklores. But then why did we mention that?

This is because you can actually do the unthinkable to certain materials in a set-up with vibrations if you do it the right way. But the “vibration” will just be a part of the trick that should be known only to you. Constantly mention things like “I’m doing this with my mind” and don’t forget to utter your choicest magic words at the right moment. Those will act as a decoy.

We’ll provide you with an example.

Take a look at this video. You’ll see a few drops of water ignoring all basic laws of Physics and walking on the surface of water. Magic? It’s all science. There’s no magic involved. But of course, your guests should have no idea that science is responsible behind such mind-blowing effects.

Such an astounding effect is produced by holding speakers under a water container. The vibrations produced by the speakers will cause these water droplets to bounce on the surface of water indefinitely.

Now that’s something magical! By “magical,” We don’t mean the effects, though. We mean the magical looks on the faces of your guests.

The incredible shrinking coin

Imagine a scenario. At the touch of a wand you are capable of shrinking a coin to its smallest counterpart within the blink of an eye.

Well, it’s possible and no, we are not speaking of the possibilities of such occurrence in movies or books. We are talking about such an occurrence in reality.

This extraordinary phenomenon occurs as a result of the process known as electromagnetic forming. The metal object’s shrunk in the blink of an eye through the use of powerful magnetic fields. Massive amount of current is involved and the fields are arranged in a manner such that they repel each other. When enough power is generated, the coin starts to reform itself inward, becoming denser and smaller at the same time.

Take a look at this video to understand the ways through which you can do that.

Bismuth is capable of making you an alchemist 

You can do some ridiculously impressive tricks with the help of a metal. But do remember that you have to pick the right metal. The right metal in this case, is bismuth.

When bismuth is heated beyond its melting point and is cooled again back to a temperature where it starts to solidify, the atoms starts to lock into unique structures. You can observe this phenomenon occurring in this video.

Those crystals actually take such intricate shapes within minutes. Various intricate patterns are formed with awesome colors in a matter of minutes like the image below.

Bismuth crystal

To know about the ways through which you can make bismuth crystals, you can go through this article to know about this in detail.

So you see that your trick is right there up your sleeve. You will just have to keep your eyes open. But do remember that practice is the key. And soon afterwards, you will be nothing less than a little Houdini.

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