Top Apps for Learning Mandarin

Top Apps for Learning Mandarin

Technology and knowledge are a match made in heaven it seems. Today, information technology has facilitated learning to an incredible extent. And, its by-product, the ‘Internet’ is playing the role of an additional teacher in our lives. Need to prepare notes for your History project, turn to Google. Eager to learn a new language? Enroll for one of those exciting online courses or just download some language apps on your electronic gadget!

Be it accumulating new information, or researching any topic to learning a new language, the Internet is just a click away. It boasts of possessing some of the best tools for learning new languages. But, apart from websites, there is yet another interesting way that can aid you in picking up a new language. Any guesses?

Well, you can accomplish this aim with the help of ‘apps’ or certain online ‘applications’. Apps connect you to a vast world of knowledge, even while you are on the move. So, you learn while you travel to your college or workplace. And I bet, employing apps to learn anything is one of the best ways to be an effective learner. Continue reading to unravel the top apps for learning Mandarin, one of the most important languages of the world:

  • Pleco: The basic app that must be present in the list of every Mandarin learner is the ‘Pleco’ app. What makes it unique is its function, as it can be utilized both as a translator as well as a dictionary. You can download the app in Android or iOS absolutely free of cost. You would be happy to learn that this app can even be used when you’re offline! Pleco searched for words from a still picture, with the aid of your phone camera, to translate them immediately.
  • FluentU: Considered to be amongst the best language apps, ‘FluentU’ uses videos based on commercials, motivational speeches and music videos and transforms them into learning materials. Once you are stuck at a particular word, tap on it and you would get its meaning translated in your native tongue. Every word has been implemented in complete sentences to make you grasp it’s exact meaning and significance. Also, it keeps tab on your vocabulary. So, it provides you interactive videos based on the terms that are already familiar to you.
  • Anki: The best part about ‘Anki’ is that it can be easily downloaded in Android phone free of charge. Some of you might discover that you are capable of remembering certain terms more clearly than others. And to be a master of any language, you already must be aware of the fact that you need to build a strong vocabulary. Anki assists you to do you effortlessly. Through it’s feature known as ‘spaced repetition’ technique and flashcards, you can memorize brand new words every day.
  • Chinese Skill: Amateur Mandarin learners can use this excellent app, if they wish to learn with the help of games. ‘Chinese Skill’ enables you to develop new stock of words and learn traditional and simple Mandarin Chinese. You would find that after using the app you can remember more number of words. Not only that. You can also learn how pronounce every word appropriately in Mandarin, that’s crucial when you are learning a new language. The app can be downloaded in iPad, iPhone and iPod too.
  • Skitter: ‘Skitter’ is perfect for you if you are looking forward to learning how to write in Mandarin Chinese. You can install the app in your desktop, iOS and even Android devices. Just like the app Anki, Skitter also employs the technique of spaced repetition. And the app permits you to practice writing words from the beginning and it repeats this process. And you already know practice is essential for ushering in perfection in any form of knowledge. Download this app now to practice your Mandarin writing skills!
  • Standard Mandarin: Cannot pronounce some Mandarin words accurately despite a lot of practice? Relax, my friends. ‘Standard Mandarin’ is an amazing app that helps you develop an accent for Mandarin Chinese. Wondering how it does so? Well, it identifies your facial muscles and suggests which ones you must use to get your Mandarin pronunciation exactly right. So, it helps you steer clear of your own native accent that might interfere with your Mandarin pronunciation. And, it is extremely important to pronounce any Chinese dialect correctly, more than grammar.
  • Mindsnacks: For people who love learning as they travel, ‘Mindsnacks’ is their best choice. You would come across eight interesting games in this app. These games improve your vocabulary and communication skills. This app works for students as well as for travelers of any and every age. The games educate you on some writing systems of Mandarin and also Pinyin. You can get to know how certain tones are being used in Mandarin thanks to this informative app’s ‘Galactic’ game. Features like ‘Chinese Foods’ would teach you conversational skills.

These are some of the best online resources for learning Chinese, particularly Mandarin. So, don’t wait to find the best Mandarin teacher to teach you the nitty gritties of this foreign language, friends. Though teachers can guide you well in any field, there is definitely no harm in making attempts to teach yourself. In fact, these apps can double up as your additional references, even if you have hired a tutor for learning this Chinese language. How many of you are ready to experiment with these exceptional apps?


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