5 Great Productivity Apps for Students

5 Great Productivity Apps for Students

It is very easy for students these days to be distracted from their studies — what with the online games and apps that come with no cost and easily available at their finger tips. However, if selected and used wisely, those apps can be put into good use; for productivity purpose for example!

Let’s take a look at the 5 great productivity apps that can be utilized by students in organizing their student’s lives.

1. Evernote

 Evernote is the best productivity app for students who prefer to keep their notes, online documents and image files in one structured and organized space. New York Times considered it as an “invaluable tool for organizing a messy digital life”.

If you have been using pens and papers to take lecture notes, perhaps it is the best time for you to download and install Evernote into your smart phone. The next time you attend lectures, just take out your phone and jot down the notes into your digital paper in Evernote.

Now, let’s say you have an important Chemistry notes inside your iPhone and you need to access that particular notes from your iPad, there is no need for you to do any device-to-device transfer. You simply need to install and open Evernote in your iPad. You will then see the same exact folders and notes on your iPad.

Thanks to its automatic synchronization feature, your productivity can be significantly increased as you can now access your notes in all smart devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets, desktops etc) without having to go through the transferring hassle.

2. Wunderlist

 A good management practice will produce a high level of productivity. Therefore, it is recommendable for students to own a to-do app that can assist them in monitoring their to-do tasks.  One of the great productivity apps that are suitable for such purpose is called Wunderlist. It is an app that allows you to create a to-do list and categorize the task items according to its purpose (private, work, shopping, wish list etc).

With Wunderlist, you will be able to see a clear outline of your tasks and help you to manage those tasks in sequence or based on priorities. Here are some of the available features in Wunderlist that can help you to easily manage those to-dos:

  • Due date reminder
  • Subtasks organizer
  • Notes sections
  • Files attachment
  • Recurring tasks creator

3. Wolfram|Alpha

For students who are currently writing research paper or need to search for educational information for their school project, Wolfram|Alpha is one of the intelligent apps that can provide high-quality information.

Wolfram|Alpha is a computational engine that provides reliable and educational resources. Via one search query, it will show results that covers multiple relevant aspects such as definition, antonyms, synonyms, rhymes, word origins, history etc.

For example, if you need to do a paper work on the topic of Singapore for your Geography subject, you can straight away use Wolfram|Alpha to get information regarding the country — yes, skip those Google and Yahoo!

Simply type the word ‘Singapore’ in the search field and you will get a complete bunch of information such as:

  • The location of Singapore (continent, longitude, latitude etc)
  • The geographic properties (land area, continent etc)
  • The demographics (population, life expectancy etc)
  • The cultural properties (ethnicities, languages etc)
  • The cities in Singapore
  • The economic properties (GDP per capita, consumer price inflation etc)
  • The business information (business tax rate, new business registered etc)

Such amazing results from one single query can really save you lots of time in your research endeavour!

4. Pocket

If you have a project assignment that requires you to search for online articles but you have so little time to be connected to the internet, Pocket is the productivity app that you want to have into your phone.

Pocket app allows you to easily bookmark and download online articles, images and videos into your smart phone. You can then review those articles — anytime, anywhere — without having to connect to any internet network. With this app, you can increase your productivity even if you are in an offline mode!

Pocket also comes with several interesting features such as:

  • Auto-detection – It can automatically identify the format of the file that you’re saving — either it is a web page or article or video — and save it into its own, specific category. You can then easily browse your materials according to category.
  • Favourite– You may ‘favourite’ any articles or videos and these items will then be shown in the highlight page. Again, this allows easy browsing.

5. Dragon Dictation

As previously mentioned, Evernote can help students to increase their productivity in note-taking. However, some students can be downright terrible in jotting down notes. No worries! For those who might not be so good in writing lecture notes, Dragon Dictation is the perfect app for you.

This is a very cool app that can auto-generate texts based on spoken speeches. With this app, you no longer need to jot down on your paper or type notes into your smart phone. Simply turn on Dragon Dictation, click on the record button and start talking to it! Dragon Dictation has been designed to understand clearly spoken English words and commands (e.g. new paragraph, comma etc).

Besides, for each produced notes, you can do some editing to the texts such as cutting, copying or pasting. You can also do the followings via Dragon Dictation:

  • Say out loud your status and tweet it to Twitter
  • Say out loud your email content and mail it out
  • Say and create tasks and event reminders

Besides than the five mentioned apps above, there are many other apps that can be used by students to their advantages. Feel free to check out the article in which we share the 10 great apps for students. Make full use of the mobile apps by selecting the most beneficial ones. Indeed, in order to succeed, you may not only study hard, but also, study smart!


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