Top iPad Apps to aid Students with Dyslexia

Top iPad Apps to aid Students with Dyslexia

The Mathematical characters seemed to play hide and seek with Joey. Naturally, he could hardly pay attention to the simple addition that His teacher asked him to complete. So he sat at his desk, with a blank expression and watched his friends scribble away! His parents had engaged a Math tutor for Joey. But, unfortunately, the moment this child set his pencil to paper, a puzzled look was all he could offer. And, a blank sheet.What could have caused Joey to behave this way? Well, Joey has ‘dyslexia’, friends. People with such a disorder suffer from inability to recognize words or letters, speech issues as well as problems in learning spellings. Words create a dramatic effect for them. Consequently, they are simply incapable of learning like normal kids would do.It has been found that almost one out of every ten people are victims of dyslexia in America, as per the statistics of a research study. But wait, please relax. Today, technology has revolutionized education and made it more convenient for all kinds of students. So why not something for students with dyslexia? I have listed some of the top iPad apps to aid students with dyslexia:

Sound Literacy

Teachers and private tutors can take help of an app named ‘Sound Literacy’ when they teach students with this learning disability. It almost appears as a game, so it is quite popular amongst teachers. The app makes it possible to ease the process of communication between students and teachers. Dyslexic learners can use it to draw a difference between every sound and learn how to listen properly. Also, it helps them analyze the structure of every sound and interpret their meaning.


Now, thanks to ‘ModMath’, you can say goodbye to those challenges you used to confront while trying to solve Math problems. This app requires users to solve Math problems by typing rather than writing. Now this is a problem for students with dyslexia. For they are unable to write properly. Similar issues are faced by students suffering from dysgraphia. Students can use a virtual calculator and also a graph paper to work on the problems provided here. The work can be mailed directly to the teacher.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader

Dyslexia adversely affects the reading skills of students as they are not able to identify letters and analyze them. The app ‘vBookz PDF Voice Reader’ enables you to read coherently. Just open a PDF document or Google drive, for it to be read aloud by this wonderful app. Let me tell you how it works. The text is converted into a unique font known as ‘Dyslexie’, by this app. This font type is custom-made for people suffering from this learning disorder.

Dyslexia Quest

Designed and examined at UK’s Bristol Dyslexia Center, the app ‘Dyslexia Quest’ helps dyslexic students improve their memory. With its help, you can test your memory skills to a great extent. Why not use it today to analyze your auditory, visual or working memory, friends? The best thing about this app is that students of various ages can employ it. The age limit is seven to ten years, eleven to sixteen years and even above seventeen years.Also recommended: Top 10 Ways to Improve your Memory.

Inspiration Maps

Inspiration Maps’ is a learning app that can be effectively utilized by students belonging to the fourth standard and even above. When you are a victim of a learning disability, you also find it tough to create meaningful diagrams. Younger students can also take the best advantage of this app, through its free version specifically meant for kids. You can take down notes and plan your studies better if you use it. The app has been proved to trigger your creativity and think visually.


As I had mentioned earlier, students who have dyslexia have difficulties when it comes to reading and speech recognition. ‘openWeb’ is a great app that helps such students combat their reading problems. Just like vBookz PDF Voice Reader, it converts text into a format that is easier for dyslexic students to read. This app can be easily downloaded in iPads. However, it is best compatible with iPhone 5. To check glare, the color of the font has been customized and kept in contrast mode.

Oz Phonics

Another app that would be perfect for such students is ‘Oz Phonics’. It focuses on the relationship between letters and the sound produced by them, including consonants and also vowels. Several exercises are available in this app to help people with dyslexia improve their reading. You can find the accents of various languages here consisting of those of New Zealand, American, Australian and British. Not only dyslexics, but even students who are studying English as a Second Language or ESL, find it very useful.These are some of the best iPad apps that can guide students with dyslexia. Choose the one that best meets your academic aims, dear teachers. And, never let the enthusiasm to learn, fade away just because you cannot learn as swiftly as other students. The renowned Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston was a dyslexic person at a certain point of time. Yet, she achieved worldwide fame and continues to impress millions across the globe. Not only her, but there have been several reputed educationists and scholars who are successful today – who were once diagnosed with this ailment.


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