Benefits of Learning a Second Language in School

Benefits of Learning a Second Language in School

Often students think that learning two languages created confusion in mind. Few people even have shown their aversion to include two languages in their school curriculum since they think that it is always better to master one language rather than worry about both the languages. Such misconceptions regarding learning the second language is overshadowed by new research or studies highlighting incredible advantages of gaining expertise of another language. Here are a few benefits of learning a second language in school.

Improved job prospects

In today’s society, knowing two languages seems to be a big advantage for you and it also gives you an edge over your competitors while looking out for jobs in Australia or any other countries across the world. The companies who are planning to expand their business in the overseas look out for bilingual employees. Knowledge of second language will become indispensable for them at work place since they can easily bridge cultural gap between two countries and those who speak another language also finds it easy to get a new job. Since they are beneficial for the companies it is quite natural that they will enjoy good remuneration and perks.

Boost your brain health

The recent medical studies have revealed about the positive effects of learning second language improving human brain functioning. According to the recent studies, learning second language effectively delays onset of brain related sickness such as dementia, Alzheimer, compared to those who only speak native tongue.

Increase your knowledge of first language

Many students think that they can brush up their knowledge of first language when they start learning their second language. Learning the second language highlights their attention on grammatical rules or constructions of their own language. This experience allows the students a different insight to their mother tongue and often leads to improve it further.

Better understanding of world

Learning a second language along with your mother tongue allows you to understand the whole world where you reside. By learning new common phrases or words you will gain better access to other fascinating cultures around you and also know the differences between two countries. For example, you will gain access to a huge array of music, literature or film and also gain a better understanding of history or culture of nation and also know the way the world works including politics, socio-economic scenario and so on.

Boost your memory

The students who are learning two languages develop stronger memories than those who only know a single language. Learning the second language means that you are better in calculation, reading as well as other essential skills.

Better multi-tasking

The bilingual people may easily switch from a single task to another quite fast. They show better cognitive flexibility as well as find it simpler to familiarize with unexpected circumstances.

Increased your attention span

There is another benefit of learning second language. They can have better attention span and also limit different types of distractions easily.

Become more active

Cognitive boosts such as improved attention as well as better multi-tasking may arise because the bilingual people have two languages activated together and also should frequently monitor which one becomes appropriate. That switching to and fro confers the greatest mental benefits.

Different ways to see things

Learning new language may literally change your way you observe the world. For example, learning Japanese language that has basic terms for light or dark blue, can allow you perceive color in diverse ways.

Become sensitive towards language

Children who are being brought up in bilingual scenario can easily differentiate the languages that have not heard before. Just getting exposed to diverse sounds, for instance, Spanish, allows them to differentiate between French as well as English language.

Increase your intelligence

Candidates who are proficient in both first and second languages score higher in verbal as well as non-verbal intelligence. It is found that the students who are studying the second language in school can think in divergent ways and increase their memory like never before. Most tutors also acknowledge the contribution of second language in increasing intelligence of a student.


Learning the new language is an achievement for you and you feel quite satisfied after learning it on your own. Once your hard work or effort is being paid off, you may experience other benefits associated with learning the new language and also gain your confidence.

Improve your listening skills

Being bilingual helps you to improve your listening skills since brains needs to work hard in order to distinguish different kinds of sounds in two or even more languages.Learn the nitty-gritties of the second language of your school. By learning a new language you can improve your memory, get better job opportunities and a lot of other benefits.Image Courtesy:


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