7 Benefits of Teaching English Online

7 Benefits of Teaching English Online

Do you wish to start your career as online English tutor? In Australia and in other countries, English is one of the important subjects, both at school and at the institutes for higher education. You have the advantage of working even from the comfort of your house and that too within flexible working hours to suit your need. If you have family responsibilities and want to spend more time at home, then online tutoring is the best option for you. You can teach students at any point of time without paying travel expenses at all. It is not only the teachers who are highly beneficial from this mode of teaching. Even the students who do not have sufficient time to attend English classes are largely benefited from this type of teaching. Below are the few benefits of online English tutoring that you must know and start your career as a successful online tutor.

Help your students to learn the subject in the best possible way:

English is divided into two portions namely English literature and English language. The first portion deals with stories, novels, prose, poems, while second part is all about English grammar. And to excel in your job as online English teacher, you have to develop proficiency in both the portions. Since teaching online is different from classroom teaching, you also need to know the use of internet and computer as well.

Need to spend less time as well as money for tutoring

In class room teaching, both students and tutors have to meet face to face on a regular basis and participate in discussions, lectures and training activities.  When you teach students online you can save time and money since you do not have to travel few miles to teach the students.

Work from your house

Teaching this subject online helps you to turn your computer, log into teaching system and teach lessons to students instantly. The best part is that your students watch you via web camera and therefore, it is vital that you dress up formally and maintain your professional aptitude. However few online teachers do not maintain the dress codes and prefer to wear sweat pants or casual trousers. They even sip a cup of tea or coffee while talking to the students on the internet.

Flexible schedule

One of the biggest advantages is that they have to work on less number of hours on the basis of what you wish to do. You may fix your own schedule and work at flexible hours for online English tutoring. You can either work on full time or part time basis.

Lack of intense planning

Few online English tutors need to do lesson planning as well as carry on homework grading. You have the flexibility to interact with the students through emails between the online lecture lessons that can even spend significant amount of time for which you are paid. However few online tutors develop lessons with the help of microphones, whiteboard technology as well as a web camera. To excel in your job of online tutoring, you can also spend fifteen to twenty minutes or even less and prepare your online classes on a regular basis.

Carry out small classes with like minded students

The online English tutors usually organize classes for five to six students. They often carry out one-to-one tutoring, if required.  Generally these students belong to the same culture and also speak same language.

Make use of modern technologies:

Most online private tutors use modern technologies to impart knowledge to the students. Most tutors use instant messaging services such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger etc. However as online English tutor, you first have to practice how to listen and speak online.  You can also make use of video conferencing platform such as web camera, microphone in order to deliver online classes. Few tutors also use audio files or podcasts as well.

It is a total misconception that English cannot be learnt by all the students and also that this language is a difficult subject. With the advancement of technology, there has been a massive change in the field of learning. Quite obviously, the demand for English tutor too has increased to a great extent.


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