Best Apps to Improve Your Memory

Best Apps to Improve Your Memory

The brain is one of the crucial organs of the human body and is also one of the first to display any symptoms of aging. A common brain related ailment occurs in the form of memory loss. One of the best ways to counter this is to work on puzzles and memory games that help increase our mental agility. At the same time, a large part of our psychological health is also affected by the ways in which we exercise our brainpower.


The advent of technology as a part of our everyday lives has resulted in a number of so-called ‘brain-building’ apps that help us to stay focused and boost our memory.

Keeping this in mind, it’s time to check out some of the best brain training apps available on different operating system platforms such as iOS and Android:

  1. Lumosity

With over 26, 77,768 users worldwide, Lumosity is regarded as one of the best brain teaser apps of all times. It comprises three different types of games and the rules for each game are made and set by the user. This app has been designed to enhance memory power, boost an individual’s attention span and develop his or her problem-solving capacity. The games are time bound and the difficulty level for each game changes from time to time.

Reviews from developers and users state that a single session of playing Lumosity per day improves the performance of the brain. The app also enables users keep a record of their performance for each session of play. They can also compare their performances with other users and the results can be saved. Lumosity initially has free limited access for iOS and Android users, followed by a monthly subscription of $15 for continued usage.

  1. CogniFit Brain Fitness

This app has several addictive and funny games designed specially by neuroscientists that help users exercise and work upon the cognitive areas of their brain. Users can keep track of their performance and brain health scenario on a daily basis. As users start playing the games and cross each difficulty level, they receive customized recommendations based on their profile. iOS and Android users can play up to four free games after which they can have access to the full version in exchange for a monthly subscription fee of $13.

  1. Eidetic

This app works on a technique called spaced repetition. This technique helps users memorize anything and everything from phone contacts to intriguing facts or words. It is regarded as a brain teaser app, but works on a completely different mechanism compared to other apps in the market. This app boasts of some exciting features that keep track of users’ bank account details, bank account number and other personal information. This app even helps users learn famous quotes and proverbs. Regular notifications pop up asking users to perform a memory test. The tests actually help them to retain the information for future use. Eidetic is free for iOS users but others need to pay a nominal fee of $1.99 to access it.

  1. Portrait Health Brain Teasers

This app is designed by Healthy Life Laboratories, an organization that employs expert scientists who keep on researching and developing the most effective cognitive brain training applications. This is an interesting brain training app. This app helps users improve their vocabulary, analyzing power, critical thinking, memory, co-ordination and visual perception. This app is available on iOS for $0.99.

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  1. Happify

This app is not exactly meant to enhance a person’s intelligence level or improve memory power. Its purpose is to help end users discover a positive new approach to life. The short games, funny puzzles, quiz and guided meditation sessions are all designed to help users deal positively with critical real-life scenarios. This app is designed to help users improve their self-confidence and reinforces skills based on their happiness quotient such as empathy, thankfulness, serenity and so on. Users can avail the free subscription of this app.

Apps are a great way of enhancing memory retention while being a fun respite to boredom. And according to psychologists, they have the potential to calm your nerves and sharpen your memory. In addition to providing all these amazing benefits, these brain teaser apps help an individual connect socially as well. In other words, these apps basically act as therapists in our lives. All of these apps offer a lot of variation and users will always find something interesting in every app they download.


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