Best Free Tools for Online Tutoring

May 07, 2021

Just like every year, millions of candidates completed their high school and undergraduate studies last year. However, not all of them received a major breakthrough in their career. So, everyone who is in need of a job can start online tutoring. Online tutoring is a service with unlimited scopes of income and it needs zero investment. 

Most importantly, everything can be done from home, that too in a flexible schedule. The reason why we call online tutoring, a zero investment career is the free online tools. Using these tools is as easy as using your smartphone. Check the tools and until you get a major opportunity, have a wonderful career ahead.


Google apps

It is sarcastically often said that "to start something, you only need the idea - rest can be Googled!" But today, Google has proved that literally everything can be Google, or to be more specific, Google is a world in itself and Google helps in everything.

For beginners, a Gmail account can bring access to all Google apps. Google is not simply a search engine anymore - for all your needs, Google has a solution. 

  • Google drive is risk-free storage where tutors can store their lesson plans and lectures
  • Google docs, sheet and slides come with exclusive features and a share option without mailing anyone
  • Google meet, hangout, and duo to stay connected with the tutees throughout
  • YouTube to demonstrate a lesson with a video of any length
  • Google blogger to promote you as a tutor through creative blogs
  • Google photos to edit and share photos without worrying about the storage
  • Google forms to create online forms for a professional tinge in your service
  • Google Calendar to remind you of the next tuition timing and much more
  • Google News to keep you updated
  • Google Vault to secure everything important
  • Google Sites to create a site to continue a career in online tutoring

Much more is waiting in Google and the best part is you don't need to pay for any of these services.

VEED for Education

Anyone to start any career can use the services of Google. Aspirants who are looking for tools meant for teaching and tutoring only must pick VEED for education. Aspirants with a basic knowledge of online tutoring can go through this tool.

VEED for education enables the users to develop and design a real-time course with predefined images and videos. Apart from this, the facilities that grabbed our attention are:

  • Unlimited video uploading facilities
  • Adding subtitles to the videos
  • Webcam and screen recorder are given within
  • Background changing option
  • Clip making 
  • Audio to text conversion
  • GIF maker and speed changer
  • Text translation

In a nutshell, VEED for education is a complete graphic design package for the tutor to make their lessons more interesting and get more number of tutees to earn more. VEED for education has literally simplified online tutoring. So, once you are comfortable with online tutoring,try your hands in VEED for education.



This tool is for promoting the tutors to become famous and become popular among the tutees. Padlet helps the users to create a Page and announce the services to a number of people.

Well, it's not possible for others to know that you have started a tutoring service unless you tell them. Padlet helps you to do exactly the same thing on a large scale. With Padlet, one can

  • Create sites on anything and everything
  • Upload anything on the site like image, video, writing, document, or anything
  • Share the site to get more views
  • High-end security system

Well, in case you believe you are better in any other field than online tutoring, you may showcase that skill in the site created with Padlet. So, this tool is basically an open platform for everyone to show what they are good at.


Apart from these 3, we found Moodle and TalentLMS very useful for the tutors. Actually, Covid-19 had created uncertainty in everyone's life, though the situation is much normalized now. People these days are looking forward to opportunities to maximize their income. These tools are not just for those who are looking for a job, people with a job can also use these apps to earn some more.

Homemakers, retired professionals, students, working individuals and everyone else can select online tutoring by using these tools. Core technical knowledge is not needed to use these tools - basic computer skills with a working internet connection are enough. So, what are you waiting for? 


Rachita writes the blogs for LearnPick USA. She has 5+ years of experience in content writing. Apart from writing content, she loves reading, watching thriller series, and listening to music. In terms of music, she is so old-school that she listens to Linkin Park and Backstreet Boys on the loop till date. 

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