Best Mobile Apps to Learn English

Best Mobile Apps to Learn English

Gen-Y is obsessed with speed, and married to technology. Ask your friends if you don’t trust me. Or, better still, use your grey matter. Would you visit a library hunting for reference books for your History project – or simply take Google’s help? You would choose the latter, obviously. I would do the same!

Today, speed dominates the world of information and communication. Our love for speed has grown to such an extent that we have started craving for it even while learning something new. Electronic gadgets like mobile devices and smartphones encourage us to accomplish our goals quickly. At least, most of our goals. The credit, of course goes to different mobile applications which simplify our lives.

So how about combining speed and technology to learn something today? An intelligent idea of doing so would be to exploit mobile apps. Mobile apps can even be employed for learning English. If you are a gadget freak, I am sure you are just waiting to hear which the best mobile apps for learning English quickly. Well, here they are:

Duolingo: Duolingo is an app particularly for beginners and is similar to a game. It is also a proud winner of the ‘Best education start-up award’. You can learn English from Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese through Duolingo. It would teach you seven fresh words in every lesson, based on topics like adjectives, education or school. In addition, you would be assigned exercises to practise whatever you learnt. After a week, this app would give you practice lessons to help you work with words you find tough. So you can now easily remember words which once challenged you.

Mindsnacks: Another interesting app is Mindsnacks which offers fun games for picking up English. SAT aspirants can learn new words from this feature, instead of going through an endless list of words. The app contains nine games. Each of these games would assist you in building your vocabulary in various ways. For instance, Mindsnacks offers a mini-game in which you need to fill in the blanks, between two words. The best part about this app is its user-friendly nature.

Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge: Indulge in some fun as you make an attempt to learn English. Johnno Grammar’s Word Challenge is amongst the most popular apps of British Council applications. With the help of this app, you can answer questions related to grammar, vocabulary and even spellings! Topics range from hobbies, food and restaurants, travel and much more. The quiz would be over in just a minute and let you compete with many others.

Mosalingua: Mosalingua is a unique mobile app which employs Spaced Repetition Software or SRS. Most English learners tend to forget new words after a month of learning them. SRS helps you examine them at regular intervals so that they are retained in your memory permanently. That’s not all. This app also boasts of a smart collection of 1,500 English words which have daily and practical usage. So you can depend on it for your English lessons. Known for its special content sourced from and, this app would aide you in improving your spoken English. You will find audible pronunciations, search bars and favorites here. These would let you gain access to new words, their meanings, synonyms and antonyms. You can even observe which words have been searched the most, in your geographical area. app can be accessed even without the Internet connection.

SpeakingPal: How about trying an app which gives you an instant feedback on your English pronunciation? SpeakingPal is an exclusive Android app which supports a virtual tutor. You can engage in a short conversation with such a video tutor and immediately realize the errors you made while speaking. It is truly very exciting to actually have someone listen to your words and react to them. This is possible due to the presence of speech recognition technology in SpeakingPal app.

Two min English: Two min English app presents a series of quick video lessons in English to its users. You would come across fresh English lessons which are added each day. This way, you would always be well-equipped with fresh learning materials. The app focuses on phrasal verbs, grammar, idioms, confusing terms, etc. It is quite simple and requires Internet connection.

You can use these apps to learn English on the go, anywhere and everywhere! While these apps will probably not be able to replace your tutor as yet, you can certainly learn English much faster if you supplement your tutoring lessons with them.

Use technology to your advantage. Be smart!


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